Dicks Smoke House at the Aboretum Beer Garden

The Aboretum has been hosting the Nottingham Street Food club or rather some of their vendors and a couple of beer providers over the last few weeks.

I popped in to see what was on offer, hopefully a tasty snack and a cold beer!


Dick’s Smokehouse had a stand on the site selling ribs, pulled pork and hot dogs just as they always do. I was happy to see them as I kind of wanted something from that genre today.

I was in the mood for a Hot Dog and happily that was exactly what I was going to be able to order.

Dick’s Hot Dog was billed as being topped with Buffalo Sauce, Garlic Mayo, Pickles, Crispy Onions served up in a Butter milk bun. £6? ok yeh I will have one of those


I love it when my banger is too big for the bun so that it sticks out of each end. The temptation was just to bite each end off before attacking the rest of the hot dog and that was the correct approach!

Maybe a bigger bun would have been a better solution? It would have been good to have a better bread to dog ratio especially since there was a lot of toppings. Would that have worked though? probably not as you just get more topping 😎🤣

Visually this was a cracking looking hot dog in a bun and eating wise it totally lived up to it’s appearance! The actual sausage was meaty with a firm solid snap and you bit through the crispy casing. Nice!

I loved the sweet, tangy, spicy almost piquant flavours of the toppings on the dog. The Garlic Mayo helping to cool and soothe the tastbuds from the heat and spice of the Buffalo Sauce

I have had Hot Dogs from Dick’s before and they have always been top notch!

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