F Doncaster Butcher in Southwell – Excellent Roast Pork Cobs

F Doncaster in Southwell is located on Queen Street a short walk away from the Minster, taking over the current premises in 2016. F. Doncaster is a fourth generation family run butchers that has been trading since 1920.

The original butchers is based in Newark but there are now three including this one, the other being in Claypole. The chalkboard on the front of the shop proudly tells us all that as they encourage us to celebrate 100 years.

While that sign did impress me, the one that caught my attention was the one in the window that was talking about a Hot Roast of the Day and Hot Sausage Rolls.

I was already keen to get inside and see what was on the counter, but even more eager once I thought there was some food to be eaten.


The Roast of the Day , as it almost always does, turned out to be Pork, and so we both had a Roast Pork cob, with crackling, stuffing, and apple sauce. You have to have it all, its basically Roast Pork Cob law.

It was a really good cob too, loads of freshly carved meat, nice stuffing, decent apple sauce and crunchy crackling. We took ours away and walked over to the Southwell Minster to eat them on one of the benches in the grounds.

The soft white cob was fresh and just perfect to house the meat and it’s bedfellows (or is that cobfellows?) It was a really decent size too, it was hard to believe that this was the Regular sized one, I would like to see a Large one!

I liked that they had wrapped it up in foil to keep it warm, and it came with a serviette too, absolute bargain as well at £3.50.


I was unable to resist the charms of the sausage rolls that they were selling. I could see them warm on the counter, freshly plucked from the oven, so I just had to have one

After I had scoffed my cob I was just planning to have a bite to see what it was like, but I ended up eating it all. It is impossible to stop once you have started.

Excellent pastry covering, golden and flaky, lovely moist and herby sausage filling as well. I was tempted to go back and buy some sausages as well.

If I am back in Southwell, any time soon, or well any time at all, I will be heading to the butchers for more cob and sausage roll action!


On the same counter where we got the cobs, they had some nice looking pies and homemade scotch eggs. I am a sucker for a Scotch egg, but I had already got the sausage roll in the bag so I resisted temptation this time.

We also took home one of their meat pies, and I was happy to say that there was plenty of meat filling in it. They had so much good stuff on the counter that I was a bit sad afterwards that this was not one of my really local butchers. I could plan my weekly eat from here with no problem at all!

I have a load of photos of the meats and produce on the counters, but the one that got me most excited was this one with their homemade chicken kievs and chicken cordon bleu. I really wished that I had taken some of these home as well, as they looked so good. Sadly I did not, but on the bright side it gives me a good reason to return again!

Before we leave, lets just take one more lingering look in the window at the Roast of the Day, and those amazing Sausage Rolls. I really will need to come back again for sure and to find them here are all the details

F Doncaster in Southwell is located at 13 Queen Street in Southwell NG25 0AA. You can check them out on their website, and also on their Facebook Page, and their Instagram profile

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