MahMoods Burgers in Hyson Green

Mahmoods in Hyson Green opened in late December last year serving up burgers, fried chicken and pizza. I had seen a sign saying they were about to open a while ago and when I googled the only site I could find was for their facebook page and it turned out that this was a small chain with restaurants in Bradford, Leeds, and Keighly.

I kept meaning to visit and finally ended up checking them out in August as we started to be able to get out and about a bit more after the lockdown.

I was here for Burgers and it seems that they have a selection based and named depending on the number of burger patties that they stack between the bun.

One patty and you have a Cheeseburger, two patties and you have a Quarter pounder Cheese. Ok so fair enough I can make sense of that. Then though the ‘triple’ patty burger is called the “BIG DRIPPER” (they use capitalisation not me) and then the FIVE patty burger, weighing in at 10 oz is called the “King Kong”.

In my mind I want to eat all of them just because I can! But reality is that I will find myself hovering somewhere in the middle.

I loved the neon sign on the wall saying “EAT”, I didnt need to be told, I mean I spend an inordinate amount of time doing that anyways, but today I had made a beeline to the booth next to the sign just so I could snap a photo of it. That is actually how sad these blog posts can get sometimes, and you Know what? I am kind of proud of that lol

I ordered a meal deal of the triple cheeseburger with fries and a drink which arrived fairly quickly and did at least fill the tray

it seemed that the hype and the pictures were not quite living up to expectations, but what would the eating be like?

As burgers go it is a decent eating experience although there was something a little strange about the actual burger patties. The best way to describe them was a little slippy, they really had been formed quite solidly but I still kind of liked them as they were different

Cheese slices and ketchup were the main flavours inside the seeded bun which had been well toasted on the cut side, almost charred.

MahMoods is located at 117-119 Radford Road in Nottingham, NG7 5DU just along side the tram route back into town passing through Hyson Green

They seem to have plenty of offers on different nights for burgers, chicken, and pizza which could float your boat if you were so inclined.

You can check them out on their Facebook Page and on their Instagram profile

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