The Squeaky Beaver Poutine Food Truck

Squeaky Beaver now have their own truck, well converted horse trailer from which they are selling their quite decent trays of Poutine. I have managed to track them down a few times on Station Street at Wolf Down Pop-up, and down by the Neon Raptor Brewery.

I first tried their food at the Six Barrels Draft House in Hockley (Read More Here) where I had the Lavigne “Hand Cut, Crunchy Rustic Fries, Cheese Curds, & Tasty Gravy, topped with Smokey Fried Mushrooms & Crispy Onion Bits” that was jolly nice so I was really happy to find that they now had a mobile offering from the van 🙂

The Menu Board is small in content yet big enough to provide a bit of variety if you are in the mood for Poutine on a regular basis.

Personally I don’t think that you can go far wrong if you just stick to the Classic Poutine which is “Hand cut, double cooked rustic fries, ‘Squeaky’ cheesecurds + a splosh of the best veg gravy”

But if you want a little bit more on top of your ‘chips n gravy’ you can add things like ‘buffalo chicken’, ‘Roast Duck’, or ‘Mushrooms’

The Buble

The Buble is described as “Classic Poutine with Pulled Buffalo Chicken, Spring Onion, Blue Mayo dressing and sesame”. To be fair you do get a lot of the chicken on top of your Poutine and it was quite tasty, it did have the buffalo sauce taste but I would have been even happier with a bit more spice heat in the mix.

I know some people don’t like that much heat but if it’s called ‘Buffalo’ I want a bit of a sweat going down on my brow when I am eating it 🙂

I loved the Poutine itself as much as the first time I tried Squeaky Beaver at the Six Barrel DraftHouse . The twice fried chips are really excellent and the gravy that is mixed in to them is really pretty decent too.

There is nothing quite as good as eating chips and gravy out of a tray when sitting on a bench at lunch! Nothing as good unless you add in ‘melting cheese curds’ as well and then you have yourself a Poutine my friend

The Trudeau

The Trudeau is described on the menu as “Classic Poutine with Roast Duck, Hoisin/Pomegranate Sauce, Spring Onion and Cucumber”. I quite liked the flavours of this combination. The Hoisin mixed in well with the gamey duck meat and the pomegranate added a little bit of tart sweetness. The bits of salad leaf on top gave a nice fresh crunchy bite and the sesame seeds add that little bit of a nuttiness taste

I was hoping that the duck was going to be a bit crispier just like you get in a crispy duck pancake , that’s what I would have done anyway but I know you cannot go around re-imagining the dish just as you wanted it to be 🙂

The Poutine part of the dish, the twice fried chips, curds and gravy were as good and satisfying as ever.

Sometimes I wonder really if you need to add all this other stuff on top. Poutine is as described “Classic” enough to live all alone in my bowl any day of the week 🙂

The Truck

At the moment it seems that The Squeaky Beaver Poutine Truck is a regular at Wolf Down Pop Up on Station Street. Thursday is the day that I see them most often there, but you can check their availability out on their Facebook Page, Twitter profile and Instagram account

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