Mocky-D Vegan – Fast Food For Thought

Mocky-D can be found at the weekends on Friday and Saturday selling Vegan and Vegetarian Fast Food from their van on Clinton Street in Nottingham.

I had kept on seeing them over the last couple of years but until this last few weeks I had not sampled any of their food. I am not sure why as I seem to just eat everything else that is on sale in the City 🙂 

I do like a good burger and while I am not Vegan or even a Vegetarian I am curious to try out the non-meat offerings that are out there.

Even though I suppose the go-to classic to check out would have be the Big Moc? On my first visit I was all over the idea of testing out one of their new menu items the Bacon Cheeseburger

I was pretty happy with the ‘Bacon Cheeseburger’ that I was eating. The Seitan burger was quite good and tasty, I mean I know that it is not meat but it was a decent substitute for your basic fast food meat patty. I liked the crispiness of the mock bacon as well, it was pretty chewy but I do like my bacon like that anyway.

The vegan cheese that they added on top was pretty good too, to be honest I could not really tell that it was not real cheese, or rather a real slice of supermarket cheese from a packet.

The classic mix of ketchup and chopped onion in the bun alongside the rest of the burger bedfellows added all the lovely tastes that I like to get from my usual fast food burgers.

Admittedly I would be happier paying 99p for my meaty fast food takeout as opposed to the 3-4 quid I paid for this one. Having said that I am happy to pay 7-9 quid for my beloved Secret Burger Club so I guess this falls in the middle of my fast food fix down payment bracket 🙂 

I came back again another visit to check out the Big Moc which is their version of the classic Big Mac that you my have heard of at some point in time.

Now I will be straight up and honest and say that I was never a massive fan of the Big Mac, I was always a Quarter-pounder with Cheese chap and I preferred the ones that they sell at Wimpy (which reminds me I need to go there soon for some burger nostalgia)

Anyway I digress (for a change). Mocky- D are serving up the ‘Big Moc’ which they describe on their menu board as being “Two All Mock Patties, Club Sandwich Style, Special Sauce, Cheese, Gherks & Salad”

It was 4 quid so I bought one, and bought another one as part of their ‘pay it forward’ scheme (more on that later)

The Big Moc was just like the sandwich that it tries to mimic, it falls apart just as easily in your hands, the sauce gets everywhere,  and it has loads of shredded lettuce. 

I did like the sauce which was a very familiar taste and matched that oh so ingrained food memory. The double patties work well in the triple bread layers so I think it does everything that it was planning to do.

Did I like it? Well it does what it ‘says on the tin‘ and I did like it for what it was. I did like the Bacon Cheeseburger more though so would veer towards that if I come back again 

If you are looking for a fix or something like a Big Mac without the meat?  I think that you will be happy with one of these Big Moc’s from Mocky-D  

On their Instagram Mocky-D tell us

” All our burgers are house made using our own top secret recipes. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and are always adjusting and perfecting the taste and texture!!!
When you eat with Mocky-D, it is a step in the right direction!!! Enjoying a delicious treat should feel good!!! .

All of our packaging is made from plants and we use as many sustainable, fair trade and organic suppliers as possible!!!”

When I visited them they were running a ‘pay it forward’ scheme where you can donate more money or pay for another meal that can be used by one of the local charities. So I bought another Big Moc 🙂

Mocky-D can be found most weekends on Friday and Saturday on Clinton Street

Check them out on their Facebook Page, their Twitter Feed, and their Instagram Profile

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