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Bohn’s Best Burgers on Broad Street has recently opened in the space beneath Brew Dog formerly occupied by Nada Budaya. I first bumped into these guys at Nottingham Street Food Club where they were serving  up a selection of the burgers they were planning to  have at the restaurant (read more about that here). I said back then that I would have to check them out at their own place so true to my word I have popped along to Broad Street to try them out a couple of times over the last week or so.

Sliders at Lunchtime

At lunchtime Bohns Best Burgers are serving sliders (mini burgers) and soft bao buns alongside their classic House burgers. So on the first visit I tried out the sliders just so that I could try out more of their flavour combinations. The Bohns Sliders were a choice of 1 for £3.75, 2 for £7 and 3 for £10. The options were  as shown above clockwise The Steak Mate, The Rump Rub and The Salad Dodger.

The Steak Mate is described on the menu as “Our classic cheese burger. Seasoned beef patty and American cheese accompanied with our steak mate sauce and all spice mayo.” I have had this combination before when they were at Nottingham Street Food Club. The burger patty here in their restaurant had a better cook on it, it was much juicier. The things I liked about it before I still liked, the ‘all spice mayo’  and the ‘steak mate sauce‘ are the things that make it a little bit different from an average pub burger.

The Rump Rub – “For those of you that like a kick. This seasoned beef patty comes topped with jalapenos and American cheese, accompanied by rump rub sauce and our jalapeno & raspberry jam.” This did have quite a nice kick of heat to it, having the spicy sauce and the slices of jalapenos was a bit much when you were having three different sliders and I would advise eating this one last as it did overpower a little bit. The crunchy lettuce did help to cool things down though. I suppose you could fish the bits of chilli out of the little stack but then what would be the point of ordering this combination if you did?

The Salad Dodger described as “For those of you that don’t like the salad. This classic is simply the beef patty, melted American cheese, kimchi ketchup and all spice mayo.”
Flavour wise I think that this was my favourite of the three, there was something really moorish about the way that kimchi ketchup and all spice mayo tasted. It was tangy and slightly spicy, and with the melted cheese it all kind of melded together. The omission of the salad means that you didn’t get any crunch and for once I liked that as each bite seems so much more satisfying and comforting it was all meat and cheese and very much a soft easy to eat mouthful.

The Torero Burger

I came back the next weekend to Bohns for another visit with my mate Martin to try out the normal sized burgers. I picked out The Torero described on the menu as “Seasoned beef patty topped with diced Spanish chorizo. Accompanied by our all spice mayo” because I had tried this combination before when they were at Nottingham Street Food Club and I was keen to compare the cook on the burger.

It is a really good combination of flavours and the burger patty was a lot juicier this time and didn’t have that flat-top taste so it was much nicer. It is a big chunky bite though very like a solid gourmet pub burger. I like the chorizo, well I always like chorizo 🙂 it makes for a nice sweet tang on your tastebuds. I do like the all spice mayo, the bohns mayo does make the difference in their burgers as I said before.

The Salad Dodger

My mate Martin opted for the Salad Dodger, I think I said everything I needed to say above when I talked about the slider version. I was secretly a little bit jealous when I saw his full sized burger and the addition of the bacon for an extra quid seemed to be an excellent idea. He really liked this one and if I came back I would probably be choosing this burger combination myself and in a totally guilt free manner too 🙂

The signs in the hallway at Bohns Best Burgers were spot on when they asked if I was hungry after all those steps, although I think that they were referring to the number of stairs you have to descend into the basement as opposed to the long walk I have taken from Bridgford through the Meadows and up into town so that I could justify scoffing all of those burger calories 🙂

On their website they say

“The best produce, from the best local suppliers combined to make the best burger dining experience”

which sounds like a decent aspiration to have.

Located at

Below Brewdog
20-22 Broad Street
Nottingham NG1 3AL
United Kingdom

You can check out what Bohns Best Burgers have to offer and their menu on their website. You can also see what is happening on their Facebook Page, their Twitter feed, and their Instagram Profile

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