Breakfast at Kelly’s Cafe in Lenton


Kelly’s Cafe on Abbey Street in Lenton, serving up breakfast and lunch is located near to the QMC and just off the A52 by the Dunkirk  roundabout. It seems ideally located for the folks around the hospital and the university looking for some breakfast action.

I like to imagine that the same Doctor telling me to eat more healthily is in there stuffing as much greasy fried food down their face with much joy, wiping the egg yolk of their chin before my appointment 🙂

There was a whole long list of possible breakfast combinations on their menu board, far to many to take in, and too many to note down. I would have taken a picture but some bloke was reading his Sun newspaper below the board and I didnt want to intrude into his space.

It is the usual sort of thing, how many sausages or slices of bacon or eggs do you want and do you want that with beans and tomatoes? You get the idea.

Lighter and perhaps more sensible breakfast options included Eggs on Toast (fried, scrambled, or poached) for £2.95 or a smaller breakfast of “2 Bacon, 2 eggs and Toast for £3.95. Now even though I am suggesting that it would have been a more restrained option to have chosen one of those, we all know that most of the time I am just going to get the biggest ‘dirtiest’ plateful of breakfast that any place has on offer.  I was just putting it out there for you in case you need something a little less ‘down and dirty’

I decided to opt for the “Two Bacon, Two Sausages, One Egg, Beans or Tomatoes (or both), Two Bread or Toast, Black Pudding, Mushrooms, Tea or Coffee” all for the smallish outlay of £6.95. My ‘choice’ was to ditch the tomato, and to get the Toast ooh and a mug of tea.

Things I liked about this meal was that I got plenty of black pudding as I love the stuff, was it gourmet black pudding? probably not but to be fair I was not looking for Mr Michelin. One thing I liked a lot was that the sausage came in the form of a patty, almost burger like and I think it was much better than getting two of those really cheap catering sausages. The bacon was pretty crisped up which is fine for me. The mushrooms and beans were plentiful and the Fried egg was nicely cooked with a runny yolk. I also really like that I am getting Tea and Toast as part of the deal. It feels like it should always be that way!

If I was just passing by and had no time to sit in for a meal well I would probably be easily tempted by a Bacon Cob for £2.55, it was more or less the same for a Sausage cob. I also reckon that the Sausage cob that they have with those rounded sausage patties would be a bit like a cheeky sausage mcmuffin type of situation (bring you own generic slice of cheese)

The lunch options included all your standard cob expectations, Cheese, Egg, Ham, Chicken, Tuna etc all priced pretty reasonably at around £2.60-£2.80 and all with options for Salad if you were so inclined.

This is a pretty decent spot around the QMC area to grab a bit of breakfast and it was a nice quiet cafe as well on a Saturday mid morning. Not sure what its like on a work day, I would not be surprised to find it packed out.


Located at 89 Abbey Street in Nottingham NG7 2PL just off Clifton Boulevard and the Dunkirk Flyover on the A52.

Within walking distance of the QMC, the University, and about 5 minutes from the Tram Stop on Gregory Street

Its open every day (except Sunday) between 7.30am and 2.30pm



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  1. Jon says:

    As far as I’m aware Kelly’s cafe is no longer open any more?

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      I think you are right Jon I read they were closing

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