Homeboys: The Neighbourhood Cheesesteak Burger

Homeboys were doing a new burger this weekend called “The Neighbourhood Cheesesteak”

At first I got all excited when I saw that Homeboys were doing a cheesesteak as I really love those and I haven’t found anywhere nearby yet to get a decent one.

Then I realised that it was actually a burger 🙁

It was OK though as it turned out to be a really good one!

It was described as being “aged patty, grilled peppers n onions, kalbi skirt steak, gochujang queso, bibimbap sauce and house pickles served on a Tough Mary’s bakehouse brioche bun

There are lots of great flavours all mingling together underneath the lid of that Tough Mary Brioche Bun. It looks to be a bit of a messy eat and you know what it really was, at least a 3 napkin job.

I liked the way that the gochujang queso and the bibimbap sauce combined to make a sweet savoury tangy and spicy coating for the burger.

To make it a truer cheesesteak experience I would have liked the steak to have been slice wafer thin and mixed up with the peppers and onion and the queso cheese, but I guess you don’t get everything that you want 🙂

Overall a pretty good burger from the lads at Homeboys. Would love a real Cheesesteak though one day 🙂


Homeboys are to be found at The Nottingham Street Food Club as one of the residents on Thursday through Sunday

If you want to check out where else they are out and about check out their Facebook Page and their Twitter Feed and their feed on Instagram

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