Sausage and Mash at The Trent Navigation

The Trent Navigation on Meadow Lane is a pretty reliable option for a decent pint of beer from the attached Navigation Brewery and a good plate of Pub Food. I come here quite often on Matchdays when the Pies are playing at home when the place is rammed. If I fancy food though I try and come down for lunch when you can usually get a nice quiet spot to grab some grub.

On Mondays they have a deal where you can get any one of their ‘Classic Mains’ or a ‘Burger’ for 50% off. Well that really did seem like an offer that one really could not ignore! I mean I know that I had only popped in for a quick pint but when I saw that on the menu well I kind of got peckish and hungry really quickly

I perused the Classics to see what they had on offer, most of the pub food hits were there; “Fish and Chips”, “Lasagne”, “Steak and Ale Pie”, and “Sausage and Mash”, It was a chilly day out there and I really fancied something warming so I figured that Sausage and Mash would be the sort of dish that would keep the cold out πŸ™‚

It also helps that it just so happens to be National Sausage week (supposedly) πŸ™‚ I swear they just make these things up

The menu described this as “Sausage and Mash – Cumberland sausage wheel served on mash potatoes with peas, gravy and caramelised red onion chutney”. Now on any other day this was going to set me back Β£7.95 but today on this most fortuitous monday munching it was only going to cost me Β£3.98. I was feeling like a winner even before I started

This was a dish that kept on giving, I was just expecting the one wheel of sausage but happily I was getting TWO wheels of sausage, sitting each side of a rather large pile of soft buttery mashed potato. For some reason it was making me think of Princess Leia, what was that all about πŸ™‚

I liked the flavouring and the cook of the sausage, they had plenty of pepper, and a nice herbiness that one hopes for and expects from the Cumberland. They were nice and meaty, pretty solid, but yet a little crumbly and I liked that the sausage skin was a bit crispy in places where it had stuck to the pan .

Initially I wasn’t sure what to make of the caramelised red onion chutney but in the end I actually really liked it as it added a nice little bit of gentle sweetness to the dish and it went well mixed in with the mash and a bit of sausage on each forkful that I was scooping up.

If I am honest I didn’t think that I would be able to eat it all, as it seemed to be a huge plateful of food, but in the end I easily scoffed the lot and could have eaten a bit more just because it tasted so nice. Looking back the only thing I might have changed would have been to ask for a bit more gravy, but as it happened there was probably enough as there was nothing left on the plate πŸ™‚


I have always managed to find a decent meal at The Trent Navigation, and I think that this Sausage and Mash has been one of the most comforting so far. It’s also a pretty good place to stop off if you are a walk along the canal as well and worth thinking about.

I just wish that they had an all-day-breakfast on their Main Menu so that I can get myself a bacon and egg fix for brunch πŸ™‚

The Trent Navigation is located right next to the canal


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