Squeaky Beaver Poutine at Six Barrel Drafthouse

Six Barrels Draft House in Hockley has been hosting a pop-up by Squeaky Beaver Poutine over the last few weeks.

Now I really do like a nice bit of the old ‘Poutine;’ and have sampled it quite a lot as a snack back over in the States admittedly mostly whilst checking out breweries and bars so I really was quite keen to see what this pop up was like.

If you have never had ‘Poutine‘ and you need some kind of reassurance before venturing into the unknown? Well  just think ‘Chips and Gravy‘ and let yourself go along for the Street Food ride and you will find out that everything is ,and will be totally fine 🙂

Lets check this out!

I had seen this sign by Squeaky Beaver Poutine outside the Six Barrels and I am one of those people that does look at Chalkboards and do take note and then usually walk straight in through the door 🙂 I usually find that Social Media Buzz is just that and that mostly no-one actually turns up. When I am on a MyFoodHunt, I promise you I don’t mess around, if it’s good I will find it and  you will know about it 🙂

So when I saw this I knew I was coming back to sample, I walked in, got myself a pint of Harvest Pale and checked out the menu to get me some Poutine!

The Lavigne was described as being “Hand Cut, Crunchy Rustic Fries, Cheese Curds, & Tasty Gravy, topped with Smokey Fried Mushrooms & Crispy Onion Bits” for £5. I could have added ‘crispy smoked bacon’ for another £1, but I figured that if I had needed bacon it would have already been part of the plan from the kitchen.

This was a good portion of food, sometimes with this new fangled world of hipster street food in the UK you don’t get much for your money, but you know I was pretty happy with this big old box of Poutine for my £5. To be honest I could have shared it, I wasn’t going to, but in theory I could have 🙂

Did it taste good? Well I was surprised at how much topping there was, pleasantly surprised as well. When I have had Poutine in the past it has often been just about the classic parts, the fries, the gravy, and the curds. Now here at Squeaky Beaver you get all that, but also with the topping combination that I chose you also get a shed load of the Mushrooms as well. You really did get a lot of mushrooms, which is most certainly a good thing as they have a great meaty texture and also a quite light and delicate smoky flavour too.

Basically this is classic comfort food. Is it the best Poutine you will ever have? I don’t know, it is like a lot I ate in bars in the States, but I have never eaten Poutine in Canada and I guess just like the Philly Cheesesteak you need to dine at the source to really know if it is the real deal.

All I can say is that I really liked it, it was tasty, my belly was full and I was a happy MyFoodHunt camper 🙂


Squeaky Beaver Poutine Pop-up is located in the Six Barrels Draft House

Carlton Street, Hockley, Nottingham, NG1 1NN

Check them out on Facebook, Instagram , or just do it the old fashioned way and walk in to see what is going on

Check out the Menu

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