Breakfast at Thunder Road Kitchen

Thunder Road Kitchen is located on the crossroads of Goldsmith Street, Talbot Street, and Burton Street. It  is just across the road from the Nottingham Conference Centre and a few minutes walk from the Crowne Plaza, The Nottingham Trent University and the Theatre Royal Concert Hall.

I found myself dining in here this week as I was encamped at the Crowne Plaza for business and was out for a stroll around the block to see if I could find some breakfast.

As I passed by the door I saw the magic words on the sign in the window ‘Standard Breakfast‘, ‘House Breakfast‘ and ‘Breakfast Cobs’.

It also helped that there was a big chalkboard outside invitingly suggesting that I should come in for a Bacon Cob 🙂

Inside I checked out the menu boards to get a better idea of what I could have for my breakfast.

I suppose I could have just had a Bacon Cob for £2.40 or even a “Big Breakfast Wrap” filled with sausage, bacon, hash brown and scrambled egg  for £3.95

But you know me, someone had implanted the idea of a Full English in my mind with those words “House Breakfast” so to be honest this was only ever going to go in one direction.

House Breakfast 

The House Breakfast was described on the board as being made up of “2 x Rashers Bacon, 2 x Cumberland Sausages, Black Pudding, Fried Egg, Mushrooms, Hash Brown, Tomato, Baked Beans, and 2 x Toast” for £5.95

I added a mug of tea for an extra quid which was a good shout as you did get a really nice big cup 🙂

The best bits of the plate was the Bacon which was nice and crisp, it was pretty thick and meaty as well which I like.

The sausages looked a bit pale but they were quite firm and meaty and did have a nice herby taste, not sure that they were the best of the cumberland world but better than a lot of greasy spoon cafe sausages.

The fried egg was well cooked with a nice runny yolk and I quite liked the black pudding as well, but then I always do.

The hash brown was a bit soggy and cheap looking and the mushrooms were a bit too chopped up for my liking.

I wasn’t that bothered about the tomato but it was a nice touch that there was a sprinkling of herbs on the slice which if nothing else made it look attractive 🙂

I did like my slices of white toast, it was cut from a nice loaf and not out of a bag so it tasted good and was a good foil as well to dip into my yolk and to mop up the bean juice with.

This was a nice looking and pretty tasty breakfast. It was perhaps a bit up and down in terms of quality of each item, but it was still jolly filling and I have to say good value for the money.

If I came back I might just get a bacon cob as that was the best bit on the plate and I reckon that would be a good option to start the day, or maybe help me get through the morning 🙂


There was more of your usual cafe fare on the Menu behind the counter and it all looked to be priced quite reasonably.  Paninis at £2.95 and cobs for around £3-3.50 seemed fair enough.

I could see that this place could be a good option to pick up lunch if I was passing by.  It was really nice and clean inside and the lady behind the counter was very friendly and welcoming


Thunder Road Cafe is located at 11-13 Goldsmith Street, just along from the Royal Centre Tram Stop

I couldn’t find anything on the web about it so you just have to check out the menu pics I suppose 🙁

It is open from 7.30am to 3.30pm and they seemed to provide breakfast all day if you wanted it.

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