Dog Dam Good – The Bourbon Hot Dog

Dog Dam Good at The Nottingham Street Food Club

Dog Dam Good are at The Nottingham Street Food Club this weekend selling their ‘Gourmet Hot Dogs’.  I love a good Hot Dog but is sometimes pretty hard to find a decent one in this country so I was pretty keen to see what Dog Dam Good had to offer.

The menu sounded good with a mix of Frankfurter style dogs and a couple of pork sausage hot dogs. I was keen to try them all but in the end I was just going to pick the one that looked and sounded the most messy and interesting so I was all over the Bourbon Dog.

The Bourbon Dog

The Bourbon Dog  was described as being topped with “Giant Beef Chilli, Marinated Pulled Pork Bourbon Sauce, Sour Cream and Crispy Onions” in a  Brioche Bun with poppy Seeds for £7. I kind of chose to have melted cheese as well for an extra 50p (it was to be a good decision).

This was a really good hot dog and had plenty of great things going for it. The first thing that I was delighted about was the actual ‘dog’ itself, it was a ‘proper’ hot dog sausage with a lovely firm ‘snap’ and a nice solid meaty bite. I also really liked the toppings that were kind of sweet and meaty at the same time.

I am still not sure what “Giant Chilli” is but that does not really matter I suppose when all I needed to find was that it was really tasty. The pulled pork was mixed up with a thick, sweet, and kind of ‘gooey’ Bourbon sauce that held everything together to make a pretty solid meaty mat of joyful flavour.

The bits of crunchy onion on the top added a bit of nice contrast, and the melted cheese took away a little bit of the sweetness from the sauce. It was nice that the sausage was so big that you get a little bit of an overhang at the end of the hot dog bun to bite off when you start to chomp. That always make me think of Desperate Dan food 🙂

The bun was a bit soft and just about up to the job of holding it all together, but only just, I was kind of getting sauce all over my hands as I held on gamely while I munched. That is a small thing though, and the fact that I then had to spend a while licking the tasty sauce off my fingers was a kind of a bonus 🙂

I was very happy to meet up with Dog Dam Good and I now know that I have a decent Hot Dog available for general munching whenever they are in Town!

Dog Dam Good are at the Nottingham Street Food Club all weekend and I expect that we will see them again at other weekend events. You can also have a look on social media to see where they might be, check out their Twitter Feed, their Facebook Page and Instagram (which seems to be the most active) too

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