Sunday Lunch at the Bar + Block Steakhouse

Today we were hunting down Sunday Lunch in the City Centre and found ourselves up at the Bar + Block Steakhouse in the Premier Inn Nottingham.

It has been a long time since I last dined here or at least blogged about dining here, that time I was checking out their express lunch menu eating the steak + frites back in 2018 (read more here).

I recalled that it was pretty decent so when a voucher for 40% off dining in January dropped into my inbox I was making plans to return


The Sunday Lunch menu options were simple enough to navigate as it seemed that it was either Roast Beef or Roast Chicken, both priced at £13.50. I chose the beef and also opted to get an extra slice for £2.50. I might not need it but I wanted to make sure that there was plenty of meat on my plate


When it arrived at the table I was happy to find that there was plenty of beef (with or without the additional slices)

To accompany came a ‘fluffy Yorkie’ which looked and was the business, loads of beef dripping roasties, honey glazed parsnips, a pot of cheddar topped cauliflower cheese and a mound of peas, beans, and carrots.

I wasn’t totally sure about the roast potatoes but still ate them all, they were a bit soft and soggy in places, I prefer a nice crisp outside with fluffy insides.

The parsnips were great, sweet from the glaze, and generous in portion. The cauliflower cheese had plenty of sauce and was well cheesy.

The beans, peas and carrots were a distraction from the main event but I ate them anyway

The jug of ‘rich red wine’ gravy was a perfect foil once poured over everything and when we ran out they happily brought us more, excellent service!


I have to make special mention to the Roast Beef or 30-day aged Aberdeen Angus Sirloin which was cooked so perfectly pink that I forgive it being served on some sort of tray instead of a plate 🤣

It was the star of the show and quite possibly the best that I have eaten in town for a while. Often you get over cooked sliced beef that probably has been sitting around for a while. Not here at the Bar + Block, we were sat near the kitchen and saw joints of beer coming out of the oven and after resting saw them carve these lovely pink slices of beef before plating (or traying in this case)

Bring me some sliced bread and a bit of mustard and I would be very happy making myself one fabulous sandwich out of any leftover meat from those joints!

With or without a discount voucher I would happily return here for Sunday Lunch. £13.50 is great value these days and this particular Roast Dinner was excellent, the quality of the meat was fantastic and the meal filling almost too much although I would never admit defeat and I scoffed the lot!

I noted that they have some sort of unlimited breakfast buffet which piqued my interest no end. Our new office flex space is not far away just over the road so I would easily find an excuse to pop over to grab some early morning sustenance, that may well be the next blog post that you read from me about this place 😎

The Bar + Block Steakhouse is located inside the Premier Inn Nottingham City Centre (Chapel Bar) hotel officially 7 Chapel Quarter, Chapel Bar, Nottingham, NG1 6JA. It is situated alongside the big roundabout on Maid Marian way about 5 minutes walk away from the Old Market Square.

Check them out on their website, Facebook page, Twitter Feed, and Instagram profile

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