Carne Asada Tacos from Smoqued Taqueria at The Nottingham Street Food Club

Smoqued Taqeuria are one of the vendors plying their trade this week at The Nottingham Street Food Club in the inTU Victoria Centre.

They describe themselves as “A family run taqueria, putting our love of food & eating into the tacos we create” selling ‘South American Street Food and BBQ’ 

Smoqued seem to be all over the East Midlands at various events across Nottingham, Leicester, and Derby, apparently they have a bright yellow van from which they serve their food at events.

Today though they were selling from one of the fixed pitches in the Nottingham Street Food Club, I suppose it was hard to drive the van up the escalator 🙂 They did have a bright yellow sign though that certainly caught my eye!

Menu Board

I was quite impressed that they had plenty of options for the non-meat eater. I mean, you and I know that I was going to be all over their BBQ meats, but it was good to see that they were making great combinations of flavours up for everyone’s taste and palate.

I nearly ordered a couple of their ‘Chipotle Chicken Buns‘ that were essentially ‘BBQ Chicken thighs, with chipotle slaw, tomato, and pickled chillies in a brioche bun’. That combination did sound really on point and I do love a nice bit of thigh meat.

I really fancied a taco, even though it was not a Tuesday, so I was looking more closely to see what my options were going to be, after all the big yellow sign did say ‘Taqueria’ 🙂

I could have had the “Charred Cauliflower Tacos” with “Roasted pepper salsa, Crema, and Manchego“. I love Manchego, but to be honest I this was never going to win my heart (or my belly) over as much as the offer of a “Carne Asada Taco

Carne Asada Taco

I really liked that once I ordered they threw my cut of flank steak onto the grill to cook from scratch. It was a good sign!

For your £6 you were getting two corn tortilla topped with Sliced BBQ Flank Steak, Pico de Gallo, and  Crema Mexicana.

Everything was fresh, with clean cut flavours, and I loved the attention to detail that they had as they plated up the dish. They say that you “eat with your eyes first” and that the first visual impression that you get when you see your plate can make or break a meal.

That worked for me here when I saw these taco’s, mind you it also helped that they were goddam fricking tasty as well! 🙂

Taco Close Up

The flank steak was cooked really excellently, the meat was still a little pink in the middle which I love, and they had clearly let it rest as the juices were all kept inside waiting for your bite.

I really liked the pico de gallo and the topping of fresh microgreens. There was just enough of the fresh finely diced tomato, red onion and thin slices of jalapeno to enhance the experience as you bit into your taco. Nothing got in the way or overpowered, it was really well balanced.

I also loved their Crema Mexicana, it is so much better than a dollop of cold sour cream! The rich, slightly sour taste that is has kind of marries well with the BBQ meat and the crisp crunchy salad bits and pieces.

The whole Taco combination was a joy to eat, I loved every component and every mouthful was a dream bite. This was some excellent hand held food and I will most certainly be back to try some of their other food next time I visit them.

I really quite liked Smoqued, the guys running the stall were happy and friendly to talk with and there was a really good vibe.

The menu looks great and has plenty of interesting stuff on it, and also the food coming out (not just that which I ate) all looked good

You can follow Smoqued on their Twitter Feed and on their Facebook Page. I had a look at both and they seem to be well used, so if you want to know where they are heading next then that might be a good place to check out.

I think that they will be at The Nottingham Street Food Club a lot, but as that is only open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you will need to hunt them down on other days elsewhere. Taco Tuesdays might be a good day to try the Carne Asada Taco.

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  1. I was there yesterday eating these tacos and they were fabulous. I had the churroz too – not like churroz i’ve had before but so good! Homeboys do an amazing steak on tata tots too… i could live at NSFC!

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