Forde’s Coffee and Sandwich Bar

Forde’s Coffee and Sandwich Bar on Tudor Square in West Bridgford is located in the building formerly occupied by Philo’s. It is a very friendly place, nice people, decent spot of lunch and they do a nice Latte.

We have popped in and out a few times over the last month or so for lunch checking out some of the sandwiches, coffee, bit of soup and have tucked into a few jacket spuds as well.

Jacket Potatoes

The Jacket Potatoes are generously sized and have enough topping to make sure that you get a bite of the filling with every bite of potato. I know that might not sound like a big deal, but it often annoys me when I get to the end and I am just eating potato and skin long after all the toppings have been scoffed.

We have tried the tuna mayo with cheese, and the cheese with baked beans both classic toppings that you really cannot go wrong with. I do like that they put some nice and interesting side salads on the plate alongside any sandwich, panini, or jacket spud that you order. The sort of salads that I actually want to eat as opposed to the sort of salads that I would feed to my rabbit. I even liked the purple coleslaw 🙂

Cheese and Bacon Toastie with Soup

One lunchtime I quite fancied a cheese toastie so I asked for one with bacon, I mean why not go the whole hog. The ones that they make here at Forde’s are done in one of those griddled fancy presses so you get a ridged charred top to the sandwich.

Mine did come out with a bit of a serious char but I let it go as I quite like it done that way to be honest. The cheese was a decent mature type so there was plenty of flavour and I got a decent amount of bacon too.

I had spotted that they were doing bowls of soup as well so asked if I could have one as a side instead of some salad, they very kindly obliged me with a cup of soup instead. I had the pea and ham which was really quite lovely and very tasty and just the thing to warm you up on a cold day.

New York Sandwich

Another lunch and I fancied a sandwich so checked out their board and picked out the New Yorker which was pastrami, cheese, and pickle. Now I do like that sort of deli sandwich in the states so I was quite keen to try it.

It was a nice sandwich, the bread is very good, but I am always forgetting that British sandwiches have less filling that the American ones so I didn’t have as much filling as I had dreamt of. A few more slices of meat would have cheered it up a lot, but it was all quite decent

I would probably opt for something more classic next time like a cheese and tomato, or egg mayo. You cannot go far wrong when you do that 🙂

Forde’s is located at 22 Tudor Square just off Central Avenue in West Bridgford.

They seem to be a really good local independant and worth supporting if you are in the area looking for something to grab for lunch or a spot to get a coffee and have a natter

I like the tagline on their website that says “Lunch to go, Coffee to come back for“.

Check them out on their Facebook Page and on their Instagram Feed

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