U-Boat Burger at The Boat Inn

I love The Boat Inn over at Lenton. It is a right proper boozer, decent beer, pub grub cooked to order and decent folk in the place all supping real ale and having a relaxed time.

I have written about this place before and have been back quite a few times since just to get a quiet pint and have a chat with mates old and new

This last weekend I took my mate Mike from the States down there so that he could see a proper English old blokes boozer. We were at the start of a day’s drinking and on our way for a trip to Beeston on the tram so we figured we should start the day with a nice pint and some simple pub food just to set us off on the right track

I know that I should probably stop eating every burger that I see and write about something else, the thing is though that I do really like a nice burger and I just cannot resist.

When I see a sign like this in a pub well I am always willing to answer a question such as this with an action.

“The U Boat burger, Can you sink one?”

Hell yeh I’ll give it a go!

The U Boat Burger

The U Boat Burger at The Boat Inn was described their on the menu as “8 ounce Home Made Beef Burger, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Relish, Gherkin, Cheese and fries for £5”

I just don’t see how you can go far wrong at that price!

It was as promised a Home Made burger, you could tell that it was hand formed and it had been cooked with a solid char. In the picture that does look like a lot of relish and you did need it as there was a lot of meat inside the bun. I quite liked it in a strange kind of way.

Apart from that it was grated cheese, shredded lettuce, slice of tomato, and a bit of onion. There was gherkin, which I removed, and all in all this is as I often say, a solid pub burger.

For the price you really have to be happy with this and I liked it and would eat it again.

You also got a great big pile of fries on that plate as well, a chip driveway if you like depending on the angle from which you view it. They are your basic pub chips and if you have plenty of vinegar and ketchup you will be fine. I went all continental and ate mine up with big dollops of mayo and also a fair bit of that relish that was oozing out of my burger bun 🙂

The Boat Inn is as the chalkboard suggests located on Priory Street in Lenton

To be more exact at 9 Priory Street near to the QMC and near to the Gregory Street Tram Stop.

It is a proper local real ale pub and has a nice big beer garden alongside it

They have a website that you can check out with the menu and all the offers

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