Dosa and Chutney

Dosa and Chutney has recently opened up on Wheeler Gate in the space that was formerly occupied by Time Out.

This place is serving up South Indian and Sri Lankan Cuisine, with the speciality of the house being the Dosa, a rice and lentil pancake from Southern India.

It actually opened in December so it has taken me a while to check them out.

I like a dosa so I really don’t know why it took so long 🙁

Anyhow we are here now so lets eat some food

Chicken 65

I was always going to be ordering the Chicken 65 as this is one of my most coverted dishes that I have hunted down all over the place from India to the States, and nearer home over in Hyson Green.

On the menu at Dosa and Chutney this was described as being “Tender pieces of boneless Chicken marinated in a chef’s special spice concoction“.

I like how it says ‘a chefs’ as opposed to ‘our chef’, that hints at the mystery around how it was originally created back in the Buhari Hotel in Chennai

It was really quite good, perhaps not as spicy as that I have eaten elsewhere but still nicely flavored with ginger and garlic. The coating was nice and crisp and the chicken inside was still moist and juicy.

I would have this again but having just said that there are a few more things on the menu I fancy trying next time

I am quite keen to try the chicken devil, it just sounds so spicy and well daring. “Spicy and sweet saucy chicken infused with bold and zesty flavours” sounds like a dish with its own TV series

The Lamb rolls sound interesting too ‘Srilankan savoury filled with spicy lamb wrapped in a crepe and deep fried’. I mean it sort of sounds a bit like a spring roll but hopefully somewhat different.

I also fancy the Chili Chicken ‘pan fried with pepper, onion, and chili and tossed with Indian and Chinese sauces’

Lets face it I could probably demolish the entire starter menu with much gusto and joy 🙂

I suppose it would be sheer gluttony to get all three side by side just to check them all out together?

House of Dosa menu

I liked that Dosa and Chutney have a lot of different options in their self styled “House of Dosa” section of the menu. You can get just a plain dosa or ones stuffed with shredded chicken in a spicy gravy, or mince. They have ones topped with quails eggs and prawns.

Chicken Masala Dosa

I am not sure that I fancied all the toppings or fillings but I was pretty sure that there was going to be something for anyone’s tastes or curiosities somewhere on that list

Earlier in the month the MyFoodHuntMom was in with her friends and had the Chicken Masala Dosa which was apparently pretty good and comes in a folded triangle for some reason

Masala Dosa

I was playing it classic ordering a Masala Dosa described as being “...stuffed with lightly spiced mashed potatoes seasoned with mustard seeds

It was as promised a gentle and subtle level of spicing, the actual stuffing part is just in the middle section of the wrap so don’t think the whole thing is stuffed full of mash.

The actual dosa itself was great, light and crisp and pulled apart easily so you could scoop up the sambals and dips that it came with.

I have had this particular dosa many times on my travels and it is pretty much my go to option when checking out a new spot.

If I was picky I like my dosa rolled a little more circular, like well a tube as opposed to being folded, but who am I to tell them what to do here after all they are the experts.

It’s only because I just like taking photographs down the dosa tunnel like I did in India (read more here on 🙂

Dosa and Chutney is located upstairs at 14-16 Wheeler Gate in Nottingham.

It is just a couple of minutes walk back down from the Old Market Square, so really handy from the tram and the buses that hit that on town

Check them out also on their Facebook Page

I know I am going to be coming back, there were just so many things on the menu that I want to eat. I saw also that they do lunchtime and weekend specials which look to be interesting and great value. So much to try 🙂

Some other stuff tried

Lamb Curry

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