Dash Garden Cafe: Vegan Sunday Lunch

Dash Garden Cafe is the latest venture to set up in the Think building at Cobden Chambers. I heard that this place was going to be all Vegan and that they were going to be sourcing as much produce as possible locally.

Now I am not Vegan but I am always keen to try out new places and different approaches to food so when I read that they were serving up a Vegan Sunday roast dinner I was quite curious to check that out and see what it was all about.

There was a choice of Seitan or Nut Roast, I chose the Seitan but kind of wondered if I should have gone nut roast. I really wasn’t sure what was the best thing to eat or to taste? I suppose it was just there as a mock meat substitute.

Things I liked were all the roasted vegetables especially the beets and the carrots they were really tasty. I enjoyed the roast spuds and would have happily accepted a few more, the orange puree was needed to add moisture to the dish I liked it

Cauliflower was good, would have been nice in some sort of sauce, and I enjoyed some of the red cabbage but there was a bit to much on there so I left a bit.

In the end I was not sure if i enjoyed the seitan or not, but I know we are celebrating the vegetable and that was the point! I just want to change the party a little bit so that I got more of the bits I really loved 🙂

More roasted beets would have made me really happy and perhaps a bit more gravy 🙂 Can you have a vegan Yorkshire Pudding?

All in all this is a pretty decent plate of food and the tasty locally sourced vegetables are the stars

To drink I had some sort of sugar free coke, I liked the picture on the can.

I really do like that Dash Garden Cafe and Zero Waste Store have found a home in Cobden Chambers. It kind of fits into the whole vibe of the Courtyard and they all seem like lovely people.

I might pop up on a different day when they have more menu options to see what else they have to offer. I understand that I am coming at this just from the ‘food being tasty’ angle as opposed to the Vegan approach, so all I can say is that the food was ‘very tasty’ and based on the number of people waiting to be served it is hitting their target audience as well as those of us just wanting something nice to eat

Dash Garden Cafe and Zero Waste Store are located in the Think building at Cobden Chambers in Nottingham. This is just off Pelham Street which you can find if you stroll up past the Right Lion up from the Square towards Hockley.

Check them out on their Facebook Page, their Twitter feed, and their Instagram Profile

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