Sushi House in Beeston- Spicy Seafood Udon Noodle and Katsu Don Chicken


Sushi House is located on the High Road in Beeston near to the Fresh Asia supermarket. It is a Japanese Restaurant that I understand is well known for serving up fresh and authentic sushi. They also serve a lot of rice bowls and bowls of noodles, two things that I love! and both the main reason for my trip on the tram over to Beeston to check this place out.

Spoiler alert: It was so good on the first trip that I came back the next day (more on that further down the page)

But for now lets live in the moment of the first visit

“I can hear sizzling from the kitchen and something smells amazing, I really hope that is my food. 

A group of young Asian lads sit on the table to my left all chattering away over bowls of food, food that I wished I had ordered!” 

I had picked my dish from the specials board, I was getting the Spicy Seafood Udon Noodle,  but now I was sitting down perusing the menu I can see other stuff that I want like the Katsu Don chicken, and the Bulgogi Beef. I was sure that one of the lads on the table next to me was getting a bowl of Katsu Chicken Curry but I couldn’t see that on the menu  at first 🙁 then I found it in the Bento section 🙂

 Spicy Seafood Udon Noodle

The  Spicy Seafood Udon Noodle was a really rather fantastic bowl of food, essentially a bright red spicy broth filled with lengths of udon noodles topped with a handful of little prawns, mussels, small slices of calamari and bits of baby squid. That was all mixed in amongst leaves of Napa Cabbage, slices of onion, discs of finely chopped scallions, and matchsticks of carrots. The broth was (I think) made up of chicken stock, garlic, ginger, red chilli pepper, soy and salt and pepper, I suspect that there was fish sauce in there too. 

I really liked that everything in the bowl was edible, there were no random whole spices or chewy wooden bits lurking down at thebottom of the bowl. It was a very clean eating experience, very efficient 🙂

As I was eating I was getting confused as it seemed to have leaves of cabbage that looked remarkedly like those you get in a good kimchi it seemed almost Korean like. I did a little google on the origin of this dish and found that it was apparantly originally created by Chinese immigrants living in Japan and is one of the most popular dishes at Chinese restaurants in Korea and in Koreatowns all over the world.

So it is basically a Spicy Korean-Chinese seafood soup typically a ‘soothing mix of noodles, seafood, vegetables, and meat in a spicy, savoury soup‘ At most restaurants, you’ll usually see squid, shrimp, and mussels with vegetables in a fiery red soup base and that is pretty much what I was being served here at Sushi House, so that was a good sign.

Although this didnt seem to be that spicy, it must have been as by the end my nose was running, I had sweat on my brow and my eyes were
watering a little bit! 🙂

I actually loved this dish quite a lot, and it is definitely on the ‘must-seek-out-from-now-onwards‘ list now!

Katsu Don (Chicken)

I came back the next day to get a bowl of the Katsu Don Chicken which is one of their Donburi bowls which they say are a ‘Large Bowl served with rice and various toppings’. The Katsu Don comes either with Chicken or with Pork which they boil in Dashi sauce and with egg. I chose the chicken as I thought that might be more tender and juicy if it was going to be a deep fried breaded cutlet, perhaps I should have chosen the pork cutlet that gives it name ‘tonksatsu’ to the dish.

I love the story that this is considered to be a brain food and one that students eat before a  big test. I reckon that is just an excuse to pop down the local café to get a big bowl of comfort.

I did like eating this dish as it was very easy to devour, I mean what is not to like? crunchy coated fried chicken, rice, fried onion, green onion and a load of egg somewhere between scrambled and an omelette. Flavour wise I am not so sure, it was all a bit subtle for my palate, perhaps all that spice from the previous night was colouring my judgement, but I just wanted more punch, mind you I think that this is just what this dish is like. Perhaps I should have added a bit of soy into the rice to add a little salt, that might have enlivened it all up a bit.

It was very satisfying though to eat, it made me happy in the same way that I am eating a simple bowl of noodles, or a plate of egg fried rice. I think it just a one of those comfort foods that can never go wrong or be a bad idea. I need to research this a bit more, by which I mean eat it a lot more in a lot more places. Tough life being a food blogger I can tell you without any hint of irony or sarcasm, ahem 😉

Sushi House is located at 95 High Road in Beeston in Nottingham at NG9 2LE.

It is small inside with about room to sit 16-20 diners and both times I went in was full after I took the last table. The chap behind the counter was dead nice, on the first visit when he was worried that the spice was too much he brought me a plate of fresh fruit (sliced strawberries and blueberries) to cleanse my mouth out. I thought that was a nice touch. Both nights I dined with a can of pop for under £10.

I could not find any online presence but did find a nice introductory article  in the Nottingham Post that you can easily google or check out here

Down Below are some bits of the menu if you want to check that out.

Sushi House Menu


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