The Coffee House of Nottingham

The Coffee House of Nottingham is located half way up (or down) that little alleyway called Hurts Yard running between Long Row and Upper Parliament Street.  I was often curious as to what lay behind that lovely red painted façade as I passed up and down that alley, so finally I poked my nose in through the door to take a peek (maybe they have food I was thinking 🙂 )

I saw the chalkboard on the wall and the question ‘Hungry?’ followed by the magic words ‘toasties’ and ‘sandwiches’ well then even though I am not a massive coffee drinker, (a latté is about my limit), anyplace that sells cake and sandwiches is somewhere that I want to check out.

I picked out the Veggie Frittata from the Vegetarian and Vegan section of the menu, not because I wanted a meat free meal, nope purely because I fancied the sound of a Frittata with a bit of salad.

The Veggie Frittata was described as being ‘freshly made with egg, tomato, mushroom, salad leaves and cheese, garnished with garlic houmous toastie and a mini waffle

I loved that garlic houmous toastie, it was like garlic bread with a houmous spread, it is actually a little bit of genius and I might steal this to eat at home AND I do not even usually eat Houmous! 🙂

The little round frittata was like a mini muffin, egg baked with salad, tomato, mushroom and cheese topped off with a fresh tomato skewered into the top. It did feel a little ‘bready’ maybe it was supposed to? it didn’t matter though as I quite liked it anyway.

I ate both the toastie and the frittata together which seemed to work out pretty well, it was all very complimentary and I really liked the combination of the gentle fresh flavours in the frittata against the more sweeter garlic hit from the houmous topped toast.

I had decided to save the waffle for last, lets called it the pudding bite, and that was a pretty good decision. The actual waffle had quite a solid bite, it was quite a hard bake and it turned out that was because it was actually gluten free. It was a bit different, but quite decent. I liked that it was not too sweet, it did have a hit of cinnamon and there was some sort of syrup too, but it wasn’t packed out with sugar burst so actual felt quite healthy (who am I really kidding 🙂 )

I did have my default coffee experience opting for a latté as I hinted I probably would have earlier on the page. What I did like was that even though I admitted that I was more of a tea drinker and knew nothing about coffee, the owner still patiently asked me what sort of coffee I would like, and picked one out that he thought I would like.

Admittedly my response had been that I had no idea and preferably one that was not too strong and perhaps didn’t have too much coffee in it?  That was perhaps not the best way to ask for a drink in an establishment specialising as a purveyor of fine coffees. I was half surprised not to be shown the door, but there was no danger of that, the owner pretty laid back and just laughed it off with a ‘don’t worry I’ll get you something I think you might like’

Now that I have tried that frittata I have high hopes for their sandwiches too. I quite like the sound of the one filled with Tapas, “Spanish chorizo, slabs of cheddar cheese and picante peppers, finished with sweet chilli chutney”

I quite fancy just having the fillings as Tapas and it does say that you can have this as a salad instead of as a sandwich.

The Coffee House of Nottingham is located at 3 Hurts Yard, NG1 6JD.

On their website they say that “We are a small, independent coffee shop, full of character, where you will be greeted with a smile and a warm, friendly service.”

That was most certainly true as I had a great chat with the owner while he patiently explained all about the coffee and how they were making the vegan options​

They also say that “We offer a wide range of coffees and teas from around the world, and nearly all of our coffees are roasted locally here in Nottingham. We stock them as whole-bean here in the shop, ready to be freshly ground from bean-to-cup.”

You can check them out also on their Facebook page, their Twitter Feed and on their Instagram profile

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