Curry Night at The Embankment

On Friday night we found ourselves at the Embankment Pub down by the river having a few pints after work. It got to the point when we really needed some food before the consumption of beer got out of hand. “lets go for a curry” someone said, followed by “but the beer here is so good I don’t want to leave”

Was it pure chance then that there was a Curry Night menu on the table? Not only could we get a curry we could also get a pint as part of the deal for just £10. At that point lets be honest no one could be arsed to head out so we encamped to the restaurant at the back, settled down and ordered 🙂

Lamb Keema Shimla Mirch

I had the Lamb Keema Shimla Mirch which might not have looked all that attractive but it was pretty tasty for a pub curry. I wasn’t really sure what was supposed to be in this curry so I did a google and found that ‘Shimla Mirch’ means ‘Bell Peppers’ and there did seem to be lot of very soft pepper in there mixed in amongst the curry gravy.

Flavour wise I quite liked it, mostly onion, garlic and ginger with tomato was what I was picking out as I spooned it up. There was a bit of spice heat but not too much so you could still taste the sauce and the lamb was well cooked and tender. If I saw this menu item in an Indian Restaurant I might order it now.

There was a small pot of very mild mango chutney and some chopped up cucumber,peppers and red onions and they all mixed quite nicely in with the sauce. The naan was as we expected some sort of packaged one and it was just there for filling

All in all though it did the job that it was there for, filling us up a little so that we could continue on through the evening out on the lash with the lads.

Chicken Korma

I liked that half of the options on the menu were vegetarian, and if I hadn’t been curious as to what a Lamb Keema Shimla Mirch actually was then I would have probably checked out the Chickpea and Lentil Dhansak.

Someone else had the Chicken Korma which looked like the least creamiest Korma I had ever seen (which is a good thing in my opinion!). In fact it actually looked quite decent and seemed to have a fair amount of ‘proper’ chicken in there, I could have been tempted if this was set down in front of me.

For value I don’t think that you could fault this deal, the curries did look and taste like they were home cooked and getting a pint in with the deal for £10 worked for me.

The Embankment Pub run by Castle Rock Brewery can be located at 282-284 Arkwright Street near to Trent Bridge. You can check them out on their Facebook Page, their Twitter Feed and their Instagram Profile

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