Lucy’s Bespoke Sandwich Shop

Lucy’s Bespoke Sandwich Shop has recently opened on Melton Road in West Bridgford next door to Georges. It follows in the footsteps of Canterbury’s, Pranzo, and Pastability who have all been previous occupants of the space.

I have popped in a few time to see what they have on offer, checking out a few cobs, and some of their sausage rolls. They seem very nice and plenty of people were in their getting a cob when I have been in.

As the name might suggest they make sandwiches, cobs, roll,and baguettes filled with whatever you want. Well filled with whatever they have on the counter anyway. I only took a picture of part of the display but I figure you get the idea anyway

Bacon Cob

In the morning they offer up a whole load of breakfast cobs, basically all the usual suspects egg, bacon, and sausage in combination. Price wise not too back around about £2.50 depending on what you have.

I had one with three super crispy slices and soft brown sauce all tucked away inside a nice soft white cob. I enjoyed it, nice a simple just what one needs first thing.

I would have had a fried egg but I always worry about yolk spillage when I am walking along eating on on the street. You can sit inside though at a couple of small round tables so I might rest a while and do that next time I fancy a bacon and egg (and possibly a sausage) cob

Cobs for lunch: Coronation Chicken, and Tuna Mayo

As well as that breakfast item I have popped in and had a couple of cobs too for lunch. First time out I selected one of their ‘suggested’ combinations from the chalkboard opting for the Coronation Chicken with mango chutney. This always used to be a favorite of mine when this place was Canterbury’s. You got plenty of filling and I liked both the curry sauce and the sweet mango chutney. The Seeded bread roll was really good.

The next time I went ‘bespoke’ and had Tuna mayo with salad (cucumber, lettuce and tomato) in a white cob. It was nice enough and was stuffed full, maybe the tuna was a wet and made the cob bit soggy but you know what? that is kind of what I like about Tuna Mayo cobs 🙂

Sausage Rolls and Pasties

We checked out the sausage roll situation as well, well you have to it is kind of like the law of the deli. The Vegan ones were pretty good, with nice pastry and filling and only £1.10. The meat filled ones tasted OK but I wasn’t really sure about the pastry casing which was falling apart a lot . I might think about having a pasty instead next time if I am popping by.


Lucy’s Bespoke Sandwich shop is located at 93A Melton Road in West Bridgford, NG2 6EN

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