The Herbivore Bakery: Phish, Chips, and Mushy Peas

The Herbivore Bakery offer as their sign says “100% plant based food” and according to their website they are a “100% Vegan Bakery in Nottingham selling and producing sweet and savoury bakes, ranging from cakes to pastries & savoury snacks

They were one of the many traders you will find down at the Sneinton Vegan Market on a Saturday Market day. Even though I am not a Vegan I do like to check out the market and there is an ever increasing horde of food vendors down there on Market day selling a really wide range of snacks and meals to try out

The bakery has been going since 2018 and was set up by a very amiable couple Sophie and Jordan both of whom were running their very popular stall at the weekend when I visited. They are apparently based at the moment out of Hucknall, but are moving to Eastwood soon, so another very local business to support.

Chalkboard Menu

The Herbivore Bakery were offering up a couple of the classic Fish and Chips shop takeaways, vegan style so I guess fakeaways? It was a choice between “Phish, Chips, and Peas” or “Battered Vegan Sausage Chips and Peas” for £6

I am always a bit of a sucker for a mini fish and chips around lunchtime so when I saw ‘Phish, Chips, and Peas’ on their chalkboard I figured why not lets try that out

There was a fair line of people waiting and a lot of people already scoffing so it looked like this was a popular choice at the market.

Phish, Chips and Mushy Peas

The ‘Phish, Chips and Mushy Peas’ took about 5-6 mins to cook as they were frying the ‘Phish’ and the chips to order. I was happy to see that as even in a Fish and Chip shop I like it when it is coming fresh from the fryer as opposed to being sat on a counter keeping warm.

The Phish part of the dish was battered Tempeh wrapped in seaweed and deep fried. The chips were freshly cut and were a pretty fair effort, if I was being picky I might have left them in the fryer for a couple more minutes, but I wouldn’t complain I have had far worse from an actual chippy. The mushy peas? well I don’t think you can go far wrong with some nice creamy peas on a bag of chips, add a douse of malt vinegar and we are all happy campers on my plate.

If I am honest I wasn’t really convinced that the Phish part of the dish really mimicked or compared with an actual piece of Fried Fish. I have had battered tofu wrapped in seaweed before in a Vegan pub and that seemed to be a closer match.

Overall though it was a nice snack, anything fried and battered work well for me. It did not look that pretty but why would you need to make it look fancy anyway, this is fast food in a tray from a market.

Vegan Pastries and Cakes at The Herbivore Bakery

They were also selling pastries and cakes on the counter. I only really took a picture of the savoury items as that is usually what I fancy as opposed to a cake. They had Cheeze pizza twists, Cheeze and onion rolls, Cheeze Veggie slices, and Sausage rolls. Cheeze being the Vegan code for ‘Cheese ‘then? These were priced up between £1.50 and £2 and I think I would rather be trying one of these that the couple at The Herbivore Bakery had made by hand than one of those efforts from Greggs any day.

They also had some sweet vegan cakes on the counter, you can see the Brownies on the plate in the picture, and they seem to have quite a range with orange ones, peanut butter ones, chocolate ones and even oreo ones! I understand that you can order a ‘letterbox‘ of treats through the post too


The Herbivore Bakery can be found at Sneinton Vegan Market on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month and you can also track them down on their Facebook Page and on their Instagram Profile

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, Sophie here from The Herbivore Bakery. Thanks for the blog post on some of the food we have to offer at Sneinton Vegan Market. Sorry to hear your thought on the Tempeh ‘Fish’. We have now upgraded to Banana Blossom instead of Tempeh, as the texture very much mimics fish and we have had lots of positive feedback from it 🙂

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      Hi Sophie, ooh that sounds good then. I will have to try it again next time I get to the market!

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