‘Whatever happened to…’ Grannies Grub Food Van?

We used to love the Grannies Grub van that hit up our business park. One day it never came back and we were wondering if anyone knows what happened? Please let us know if she still comes around your way!

As an ode to their memory we compiled all the pictures we could find of their exceptionally reasonably priced lunchtime offerings that we scoffed during each week that she fed us

We grew fat on our ‘school dinneresque’ meals that our surrogate ‘Granny in the Van’ brought us 🙁 and we miss her and all those meals immensely

Chicken Curry and Rice

The Chicken Curry with Rice was a real favorite even though it was basically chicken curry sauce from a packet with sticky rice. It was not that spicy but we loved that you got a lot of chicken and it was very filling. There were often random slices of onions and peppers mixed into the sauce and it reminded me of getting a chicken curry from a Chinese takeaway

Spaghetti and meatballs

The best bit about this offering were the meatballs in the tomato sauce! The spaghetti was more miss than hit, was usually cold and sad it was just there to support those balls of meat. I only had this once but the sauce and the balls were good

ShephErds pie, Mash, Cabbage and gravy

The Shepherds pie with cabbage and gravy was one of Grannies most comforting dishes. We loved this! It filled you up, stuck to your ribs and was one of those meals just like mum cooked at home. I even enjoyed the cabbage it was to be one of my 5 a week!

Pie, mash and peas

The Pie, Mash, and peas with Gravy or ‘Gravity’ as my Uncle Tony used to say was a classic too. I am pretty sure that the pie contents changed every week, but I seem to recall that minced beef was the most common. The mash was often lumpy and those garden peas were another one of my 5 a month.

Lasagne with Garlic bread

This picture of the Lasagne really does not do this any justice. We loved the lasagne so much that people actually ordered a whole tray for the office when it was someones birthday. Well to be accurate that happened twice and it was Will who did that (more from Will on later posts this month – non spoiler alert). The garlic bread was the cheap bready stuff used to fill you up, but man that pan lasagne was the business!

Jerk Chicken with Rice and Peas

I admit we laughed at the Jerk Chicken with rice and peas just because it was the least authentic dish that we had ever eaten. It was not that spicy, and it had actual peas in the rice instead of black eyed beans or even kidney beans so was an epic fail on the menu.

But you know what? it was really quite a good chicken and rice dish to shovel down at lunchtime when you were hungry so we all forgave the liberty that ‘Granny’ took with this particular recipe 🙂

Chilli and Rice

I think the dish that I miss the most is the Beef Chilli with Rice, it was a little spicy but no more than your average supermarket jar. It was just that it was so easy to eat, just a spoon and you could scoop up rice and meat with one hand while still typing away on the computer keyboard.

I personally ate this a lot, at least once a week, for a solid 4-5 months. That is Food truck commitment at it’s best 🙂


So what we want to know is have you seen Grannies Grub!?

Have they just left us only to be remembered in food folklore?

All we have now is a coffee van and I ain’t that bothered about a latte if I know that once I could get my hands on a grannie grub meal on a van, something to comfort and to fill me up

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