The Wolds Fish Bar

The Wolds Fish Bar on Loughborough Road is one of a handful of Chippies in West Bridgford that I have been working my way around at lunchtime looking for a good mini Fish and Chips deal

It is located in that small strip of shops opposite the Wolds Pub and near to the Asda. I have friends who live nearby that swear it is better than the very popular Georges on Melton Road so I knew that I had to check that claim out at the very least. The truth is though that I just wanted to try another chip shop as I love those Fish and Chips

Chalkboard offer at the Wold’s Fish Bar

The Chalkboard outside the Wolds Fish Bar was almost prepared just for my visit with its offer of an all day special of ‘Small Cod + Chips + Peas’ for £4.95 available between 11 and 10.30.

I was assuming that was 11am to 10.30pm and that I was not going to have to time travel to take advantage of the offer. For a brief moment I wondered if it was like those signs you see in the pub that say ‘Free beer tommorrow’

‘Small Cod + Chips + Peas’

The ‘Small Cod + Chips + Peas‘ turned out to not actually be that ‘small’ at all. I have a decent appetite but honestly struggled to eat all of the chips. The piece of fish was pretty big too, which I was happy with . I usually like Haddock better than Cod but this was actually a nice well cooked piece of fish.

The batter was nice and classic, it was crispy in that chip shop way when it is also still a bit chewy too. It was thicker than in some places which I liked. The piece I was eating had just come fresh from the fryer which is always a bonus.

The flesh of the cod was juicy and as I said there was plenty of it. In truth I was really surprised how big the portion was, but then again based on the price of £4. 95 I would have expected a reasonable amount of food. I would have been happy enough if this had been a normal portion.

I was pretty pleased with the quality of the fish and I would be keen to check out a portion of Haddock and Chips one evening to see what the normal portions are like.

Specials Board

Inside the ‘All Day Specials’ board at The Wold Fish Bar gives away the fact that this place is also a kebab shop. ‘Donor Meat, Chips and Salad‘ for ‘£4.95’ sits alongside the Wolds Special of ‘Mini Fish & Small Chips with Peas‘ for £4.65.

If you are so inclined to eat a hybrid meal you can order a Meal for 2 which is a ‘Portion of Onion Rings, Fish, Chips, Peas & a Doner Kebab‘ for £9.99. I like to think that is one of each as opposed to all of it on the same tray or box. Having said that I know plenty of people who would try and demolish all of that themselves.

Personally I will be sticking to the Fish and the Chips! 🙂

I can see why people like it better than Georges, I think it is an equal in terms of the food, I suppose that Georges has cheaper lunchtime deals. I preferred the actual chips from the Wolds Bar.


The Wolds Fish Bar & Kebab shop is located at 187 Loughborough Road in West Bridgford. As I said up top it is opposite to the Wolds Pub and almost adjacent to the entrance to the big Asda

Check them out on their Facebook Page

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    That’s nice but when we had fish and chips from there it was not good at all

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