Fish and Chip Friday’s in and around West Bridgford

I am a big fan of Fish and Chips Friday, or perhaps more honestly a big fan of eating Fish and Chips full stop. A few weeks back we were checking out one of the lunchtime deals at a Chippy in West Bridgford we got talking to the owner about all the chips shops in the area and which ones we liked and had tried

He told us that there were 5 in West Bridgford. Rectory Fish Bar on Rectory Road, Georges on Melton Road, The Wolds Fish Bar on Loughborough Road, Bridgford Chippy on Gordon Road, and Bridgford Fish Bar on Radcliffe Road

As it is National Fish and Chips day I figured maybe I should stick my neck out more and share an opinion on who I think has the best Fish and Chips at Lunch in and around West Bridgford where I seem to eat a lot of the m 🙂

Top of my list in West Bridgford is the Rectory Fish Bar, not only is the chap behind the counter very amiable, I like that they cook my fish fresh to order whenever I am in there and want a mini Fish and Chips. Even if it does not have the longest lines out of the door. Lots of people tell me that this place is the best

Georges is easily the most popular and I base that solely on the long lines that I see almost every lunchtime and early evening often outside the door. I do like the Fish and Chips from here, and I have often taken advantage of their exceptional good value lunchtime deals.

The Wolds Fish Bar does a small Fish and chips that I would suggest is actually quite large and that is somewhat overwhelming for a snack at lunchtime. It is also a bit more expensive for a mini fish and chips. It was pretty decent though and I would probably have this possibly tied for 2nd with Georges

The Bridgford Fish Bar on Radcliffe road also does a pretty decent portion at a decent price and this place is the nearest to the City Ground and to Trent Bridge Cricket so I expect that they might do a roaring trade on match days and on the Twenty-Twenty nights.

The only place that I have struggled with has been the Bridgford Chippy on Gordon Road where I have struggled to get a small fish and chips, well to be honest when I asked they didn’t have any, so I had a sausage and chips instead with curry sauce. To be fair the chips were not bad.

If I have to choose I am going to Rectory Road for my lunchtime fish and chips or to Georges if I want something small like sausage, chips, and gravy for about a quid

Slightly further afield you have the Trent Fish bar in the Meadows near to the bus station where they served me a huge piece of haddock one lunchtime which I shared with the crows on the Embankment,

and the Lady Bay Fish Shop in Lady Bay both of whom I have also blogged about in the past. I really do like the Fish and Chips here, they cook it to order and is one of the spots where both the fish and the chips are excellent.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Kind words
    Thank you from all at rectory fish bar

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      Your welcome, we’ll be back in for some lunchtime chippy action soon 🙂

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