Temple of Heaven – Beef Brisket Noodles

Temple of Heaven at the end of Broad Street is one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in town. It is kind of tucked away just past the Lord Roberts, and the Newmarket pubs down near the junction with Lower Parliament Street so you just need to keep walking down from Hockley to find it.

I have written about this place before when I was having some Hot and Sour soup and a plate of  Hong Shao Rou (Red Braised Pork) or ‘Pork in Brown Sauce’  which was really quite a tremendous dish (read more here)

I honestly do eat here a lot but this was a special trip just to check out the soup noodles as part of an ongoing blog theme where I ‘mumble about noodles’ on a regular basis.

Noodle in the Menu

It is probably no surprise to find that I skipped straight onto the page in the laminated menu picture book where they have the noodles.

Even less of a surprise that I was looking at the picture of the Braised Beef Brisket in House Special Sauce with Noodles / Udon.

I wonder what I was going to order? 🙂

Braised Beef Brisket in House Special Sauce with Noodles

The reality of the bowl was surprisingly more delectable than the picture in the menu scrapbook. It was certainly greener with scatterings of herb leaves, braised cabbage, bok choi, and chopped up scallions. There was even the addition of red to the picture with a couple of huge soft tomato slices that were also floating about in there, bobbing up to the top to get some air.

There was as I hoped a whole load of soft and fatty beef brisket piled on top of a load of Ramen like thin noodles. The stock which was described on the menu as being the House special sauce was basically a beef and tomato stock with a bit of mild spicing. It was all pretty good. One to add to the list where I “Mumble about Noodles” for sure

It was another pretty decent bowl of Chinese Noodles in town for a reasonable price. Well worth the effort to head down Broad Street to check this place out! I have more stuff to eat so will be back

Temple of Heaven is located at 43 Broad Street in Nottingham. Check them out on Facebook

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