Kings Walk Kitchen: Full English Breakfast

Kings Walk Kitchen serving Breakfast, Lunch and Afternoon tea has opened up recently on the corner of Kings Walk and Forman Street, just across from the Corner House and Trinity Square where Le Petit Four used to be. It is apparently run by the same people who also run Hartley’s on Broad Street and The Kitchen on Pelham Street so I was pretty hopeful of a decent breakfast when I popped into town on Sunday to check them out

The Full English at Kings Walk Kitchen was described on the menu as “Bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, beans, mushrooms and roasted tomatoes, with toast” for £6.75. I was given an option of fried or scrambled eggs so I took up the offering of a fried egg. Toast wise it was wholegrain or white, so I pretended to be slightly healthy and asked for wholegrain.

Full English with Beans safely in a pot 😉

The plate arrived with the beans in a bowl, everywhere seems to do that these days, I quickly sorted that out by pouring them onto the plate. I posted a picture on Instagram and received a comment that the beans were too close to the egg. Apparently this is a thing, some sort of class or cultural phenomena. I blame Alan Partridge who famously said about his breakfast “Minor criticism: more distance between the eggs and the beans. I may want to mix them, but I want that to be my decision. Use the sausage as a breakwater.” But he was fictional and like myself I suspect every single other sane person before me just pours the beans out wherever they want them on the plate. Is anyone waiting until the end to make a “cheeky beans on toast” ? doubt it 🙂

Full English Breakfast: Run Beans Run!

The sausages were nice and crispy and a little bit herby, they had been split I suspect to cook them all the way through quicker. I was happy to get two of them as they were quite nice ones, halfway on the sausage scale between basic catering and gourmet I figured.

There were two slices of bacon tucked away , which were nicely cooked with the fat rendered and crisp. The egg was fried nicely so that I had a firm white and a runny yolk that I could dip my toast into.

The mushrooms did look a bit weird as they had been sliced really thin and seemed more sauteed than fried, they tasted OK, and were still juicy.

The item on the plate that surprised me were the tomatoes which are all too often the forgotten member of the breakfast team. The ones here at Kings Walk Kitchen had been oven roasted and they had been cooked really well so that they fell apart easily to release their juices. It has been a while since I had a decent breakfast tomato so I was well happy with that

All in all this was a really good Full English breakfast at a really competitive price point. I would happily return and recommend scoffing one if you are in the area.

Sandwich Menu

I came here to Kings Walk Kitchen specifically for the Breakfast which at the weekend is served until 2.30pm so basically its Brunch. I read that due to their location with good footfall that they hope to have a good takeout crowd too. I can see that, if I was in town I would happily pick up a breakfast cob on my way into work, and at lunchtime I quite fancy stopping in for a grilled cheese sandwich or a club sandwich.

I like that there are lots of vegan and vegetarian options all over the menu, on the breakfast section the Vegan breakfast takes second place on the Breakfast Playbill and on the Sandwich menu the Vegan Toastie takes top spot on the list.

They also have the now almost classic Avocado on toast option (well its a bagel tbh), and priced at £6.45 you don’t need to take out an overdraft to order one.

I reckon I be back again for sure.

Kings Walk Kitchen is located at 10 Kings Walk in Nottingham, you can also check them out on their Facebook page and on their Instagram Feed

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