All Day Breakfast at Coffee N Cream in Bulwell

Coffee N Cream is located down Commercial Road in Bulwell and has been family owned since 2009. When I wandered in I had been drawn in by the sign on the shop front that said ‘All Day Breakfast’.

The sign also said Latte and Frothy Coffee, to be honest I thought that Latte was Frothy Coffee but then again I am generally a mug of tea man so what do I know anyway, note I had a mug of tea

It has been ages since I blogged about anywhere in Bulwell, well to be frank it is also a long time since I ventured up this way to the Bulwell Bogs. The last time I was here I was writing about The Coffee Shop on Bank Street when I had a pie with gravy and that was back in 2013! I have been away too long

I had mooched about the pedestrianized area for a bit looking for somewhere new that I had not eaten before and finally spotted this place, and based purely on the fact that it was packed and that I could get breakfast at 2 in the afternoon I was sold enough to venture in.

All Day Breakfast Menu

The All Day Breakfast menu was a bit of a strange affair. To start with there was a picture of some salad on the plate? What is that all about 🙂

Instead of your standard wording to describe the plates like; small, large and mega, here at Coffee N Cream it was Breakfast 1, Breakfast 2, and Breakfast 3. I found myself having to read the actual descriptions to work out which ones were biggest, well that and the price I suppose 🙂

I picked Breakfast 1 purely because it came with two of everything, Breakfast 2 was dismissed as it came with chips, and Breakfast 3 didn’t get a look in as it only came with one of everything. I expect you get the picture now that I was feeling hungry or perhaps greedy

Breakfast 1

Breakfast 1 was described on the menu as ‘2 egg, 2 bacon, 2 sausage, mushroom, beans or tomato, 2 toast or bread, tea or coffee‘ for £6.

The bacon was just as I like, thick, smoked, and crispy with lots of lovely fat. The mushrooms sliced really thinly didn’t look that great but were plentiful and actually quite tasty.

Two fried eggs? check!, runny yolks? check! and solid white? check! all present and correct, they looked a bit overcooked but they were not and were fine for me.

The beans? well how can you go wrong, they put them straight on the plate and not in a pot so bonus points for that. Lots of toast too with plenty of butter, I should have brought some jam so I could have a breakfast pudding as I had some spare toast left after I scoffed the savoury stuff 🙂

The only downside were the sausages, I am all for the generic low quality catering banger at a greasy spoon cafe and often champion and cherish such beasts. The ones here though were right at the far end of cheap and I really wasn’t that keen on the texture or the flavor. I still ate them though I am not that miserable or fussy 🙂

This was a bit of a mixed affair if I am honest. Did it fill me up? Yep that was a success! Did I like everything on the plates? Sausage aside, I was happy enough though

Other Breakfast Stuff on the Menu

Based on my sausage experience I reckon if I was here again for breakfast I would probably head to this section of the menu and just get 2 Bacon & Egg which seems great value for £2.50!

I was happy to see a few classics on the menu in the Home Made Dinner section. I was hoping that the Lasagna and the Shepherd’s pie were both going to be made in a huge pan like you used to get at school. love getting a big slice cut out of one of those at a cafe! That is always a real treat

There was lots more on offer at the Coffee N Cream in Bulwell. I was happy to see all the classic cobs and sandwiches, an egg and bacon cob was £3.80, bacon/sausage cobs were £2.30. If you wanted a jacket spud you could get basic Cheese topped one for £3.30, one with Tuna mayo for £3.80, or even splash out on one with Chilli Con Carne for £4.

The large laminated menu had something for more or less everyone and was all very cheap and cheerful, and homely. I quite liked the place and based on the number of locals and regulars filling up the room I figure it is pretty popular on the precinct

Coffee N Cream is located at 11 Commercial Road in Bulwell, Nottingham, BG6 8HD

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