T4: Iced Lemon Tea and Taiwan Super Star Popcorn Chicken

T4 on King Street in Nottingham sells Bubble Tea, and Taiwanese Teas, and a small selection of fried street food snacks. There seem to be quite a lot of these bubble tea places popping up across the city, but it was the sign outside promising fried chicken that lured me in not the drinks.

Taiwan Pop Corn chicken is a most classic Taiwanese street food offering. You would be forgiven that this is just like a pot of American chicken nuggets or even Chicken Karaage from Japan but you would be wrong. Lets be frank, so ok yes its fried chicken in a box but if that is all you want to think you may as well just head off to KFC right now.

Come with me through the doors of T4 as we try not to ask the nice chap behind the counter for some chicken McNuggets ok? lol

Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken – super series

Taiwanese Chicken is typically covered in a Spiced marinade consisting of garlic, ginger, soy sauce, five-spice and white pepper, coated in a dredge of sweet potato starch and egg and then deep frying in peanut oil. Well that was what I learnt from reading a recipe from Irvin Lin on the Eat the Love blog

After I had tasted these ones from T4 I just had to dash home to research them and find out what made them so goddam good!

They are quite unlike a classic bit of chicken nugget, the coating was so delicious and so crispy. They asked if I wanted spicy, I said yes so there was a sprinkling of salty spicing added into the mix. I think that they also use Chicken thigh so the meat is still quite moist and not dried out like chicken breast can be sometimes

Drinks Menu

Royal Lemon Tea

I felt obliged to participate in the sipping of some tea while I was here, after all that is what is is really all about. I probably should have had some sort of bubble tea but it was hot and I really fancied a nice refreshing glass of lemonade so I ended up ordering a Lemon Royal Tea, which was basically pretty much the same sort of thing.

It was decent enough, you had to choose between 1-5 for sweetness, and 1-5 for ice, I just went down the middle and it seemed to work out fine. Maybe next time I should get one of those bubble teas with the balls in them, they seem to be all the rage, but they remind me of tadpoles and I can’t get that out of my head now 🙂

The also have other fried stuff including Chicken Breast and Some sort of seafood, think it was calamari. I am more likely to pop back for some chicken though as opposed to a drink. So tasty


T4 is located at 21 King Street in Nottingham, it is in the spot formerly occupied by Manga Sushi. They seems to have branches all over the place, I found one in Hong Kong.

Check them out on their Nottingham Facebook Page, and the T4 website,

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  1. The Taiwan super star popcorn chicken looks delicious, I will like to try it

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      It is a really nice taste, try it out

      1. I will when I go to Taiwan

  2. Am from Nigeria

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