Tasnack: Soup noodles and Tawainese Chicken

Tasnack is an Asian restaurant on Friar Lane specializing mainly in hot pots and rice noodles with a few side dishes such as Taiwanese fried chicken. It has recently re-opened or re-branded formerly being called ‘Your world’.

I last visited this location back in Oct 2019 and had some hot pot noodles and then once we hit lockdown it was shut and I thought that was it. So I was happy this week to walk past and see the lights back on and a shiny new sign up on the front.

It seemed the same but somehow brighter and the menu was now a laminated one and not handwritten as before, it had all the same things on it though so I think it is probably the same people running the place.


Food wise it was Hot Pot or Rice Noodles so I played it a little more safe opting to select from the Rice Noodles section of the menu. I played it even safer by choosing the Chicken Soup Rice Noodles


It was an interesting bowl of food, the chicken broth was almost creamy to taste like a weakened version of campbells chicken soup. I doubt it was, more like an Asian version.

There were plenty of thin rice noodles in the soup with small pieces of chicken and a good amount of chinese cabbage leaves or bok choi.

On top of that were sliced scallion spring onions and coriander leaves, in amongst it all I found some bean sprouts as I dug a little further down.

There was just one wide flat element to the dish that I could not place, noodle like yet slightly rubbery and chewy, it could have been a vegetable but none that I had eaten before. I chose not to think about it and just ate it and it added something different to the bowl.

It was all kind of nourishing, a very gentle creamy chicken broth that was very easy to eat and slurp. It all tasted familiar and homely. This is certainly a good choice on a cold day if you were feeling slightly under the weather


Once I saw that they were offering a Taiwanese Fried Chicken Fillet amongst the sides I could not limit myself to the soup noodles for today’s lunch.

I had some of this style of fried chicken elsewhere in town at T4 on King Street (read more here) and at The Pop in Cafe in the West End Arcade (read more here).

I had really enjoyed those bites of chicken so I was not going to let this opportunity pass and see what it was like here at Tasnack (spoiler alert: it was rather good)


The Taiwanese Fried Chicken Fillet is certainly the thing to order here. It was cooked from scratch and cooked rather well. I watched the chap on the counter pounding out the fillet before breading it in the soon to be crispy crumb.

Then I sat taking in the spicy aroma wafting from the pan as it was fried in the open kitchen. I was finding it hard not to be distracted from my bowl of noodles as I was waiting in anticipation hoping that it was my food that he was cooking.

It was a rather large portion that arrived at my table in one of those wired baskets that I was more used to seeing scampi and chips in down the pub in the 70’s.


The fillet was coated with a crunchy, spicy, salty and slightly peppery crusting, it was super tasty. There was an offer from the chef of more spice if I wanted it but for myself this was just the perfect amount.

I loved the crunch of each bite and the succulent juicy chicken meat that lay within each slice. Now the stuff I had before was nice but it was not as freshly cooked and tasty as this fillet from Tasnack!

I dipped my slices in some black rice vinegar to add a little more of a tang, but it was just as good on it’s own without any dipping sauce.

I would most certainly pop back in for some more of this fried chicken as a snack if nothing else


I liked that you could see what was going on inside the kitchen and see, hear, and smell your food being prepared. It was good to hear the sound of the metal spoons on the pan and not the ping of a microwave 🙂

The people were very accommodating and didn’t mind me sitting in the corner slurping my noodles and dripping broth all over the table, or at least they pretended not to notice 🙂


When I got home I checked out the picture I had of the old menu and it did seem to be the same so I think it has just been reopened and slightly rebranded perhaps tidied up a little bit.

Either way, I was happy to see them up and running and even happier to find more noodles in town and some more excellent Asian fried chicken


Tasnack is located at 41 Friar Lane in Nottingham NG1 6DD. It sits right in between the Kitty Cafe and the Tuk Tuk restaurant. I could not find any social media presence but there was a basic website with contact details

There is a menu in the window so you can see what they have to offer before venturing in, if they see you they will probably come to the door to welcome you in, that was what happened to me anyway 🙂

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  1. I am sitting here feeling hungry as I embark on the difficult second half of my diet. Thank you for that. 🙂

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      Noodles are relatively healthy

      1. It wasn’t the noodles that made me feel hungry, it was the fried chicken. And in those few world I sum up the problem with my waistline.

      2. myfoodhunt says:

        Yeh that fried chicken was the bit you would want to come for

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