The Original Patty Boys Cheeseburger

Patty Boys Burgers an offshoot of Happy Dough Lucky are based out of The Lacehouse Cocktail bar in Nottingham. They are offering up their take on the smash burger and in their words, not mine, they say “It doesn’t take Five Guys to make a great burger

For collection or delivery they have a small yet all encompassing menu with just 6 different burgers featuring beef, chicken, veggie, and halloumi on offer.

I was in the market for a beefburger so I was looking to order their classic smashed cheeseburger

So I selected The Original Patty Boys Cheeseburger for £9 described on the menu as ‘Dry aged smashed patty, shredded lettuce, double American cheese, fairground onions, house pickles, the boys house ketchup & brioche bun


I like the look of it when I unwrap it from it’s foil casing, I can see the patty slices and the oozing melty cheese blanket between the buns I was looking forward to diving in for bite

It was quite a moist burger, and the texture of the patty is really good, a little crumbly perhaps a little fatty and could have been charred a little longer on the flat top before wrapping.

It is a tasty burger though, the sauces, molten cheese and soft ‘fairground’ onions pair well with the juicy smashed meat patties. As smash burgers go it is a pretty decent effort and you feel that lovely burger satisfaction as you eat

Any downsides? Well it is a bit unwieldy though and the bun is not strong enough to contain all that filling, I imagine that if you get one straight from the grill onto a plate in house then all might be a bit better, but as it travelled wrapped up in the foil perhaps it steams as the lower bun on my burger got a bit too moist and just fell apart as I was eating it.

They do offer a Patty Baby which is basically the same burger only smaller as it just has one patty. I reckon that could be a good option if you just want a little bite and maybe the bun is sized better for a burger with less filling


I also ordered a side of Cajun Fries, which were ok as fries go, I didn’t really detect too much seasoning although they looked to have a lot shaken on to them.

You did get a bit bag full but then again I would hope so as they were not that cheap for a side at £4.50. You would be advised to get the meal deal with fries and a drink otherwise you are looking at 5 guys prices 🙂

Patty Boys are available for collection and delivery (on the usual platforms) check out the Patty Boys website for details. They seem to be based out of the LaceHouse bar alongside Happy Dough Lucky but I thought I had heard that they were getting their own place soon as that site suggest that they were a pop-up from that location

Check them out too on their Facebook page, Instagram profile and Twitter Feed although they do not seem to have posted anything for a while

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