Homeboys: The Pork Belly Sando

The Pork belly Sando from Homeboys is a sandwich that I have had my eyes on for a few weeks. The closest I had been to one before this week was seeing one in the hands of a man sitting next to me at Nottingham Street Food club. It was like right in my face man. When I saw on Instagram that it was back on the menu this weekend I just had to go and grab one.

Homeboys have produced quite a lovely Japanese inspired Sando or Sandwich if that particular translation is a challenge. What to expect here is lots of soft braised pork belly coated in a crisp breaded coating surrounded by a gentle miso mustard slaw all held together by some really thick sliced soft white bread. If this is food porn then this sandwich has most certainly been pimped out to us punters.

Do I really need to write anything about this or shall we all just sit here for a while and ponder for a while on the glorious nature of this little beauty?

Well based on the fact that this is a blog and not just a gallery of look at me instagram pictures I feel the urge to pad it out a bit with some words to express my joy at having eaten this sandwich

The Pork Belly Sando is described on the menu board as “Braised Pork Belly in Panko Breadcrumbs, Tonkatsu Sauce, Miso Mustard Mayo Shaved Cabbage + House Pickled Cucumber on Super Soft, Fluffy Xtra Thick White Bread” for £7.50

I understand that the Pork Belly is braised in soy, ginger, mirin, and spring onion for 4 hours. Then it is cooled and cut into strips, coated in a seasoned egg and flour dredge before frying. It is really good, soft and unctious bite with nice gentle and subtle flavour brought out by the coating of the sweet and tangy tonkatsu sauce.

The Mirin mustard slaw is a great bedfellow as it’s flavours are well balanced and restrained enough so that it does not overpower. In fact the way that all the components marry together as a team without competing with one another is probably why this is such a great sandwich

More often than not I decline the addition of any sides at The Nottingham Street Food club as I don’t like to fill up on stuff I don’t need to eat so that I can eat more of the great mains that are on offer.

I have to say though that these hand cut fries from Homeboys that were just 50p more onto the meal deal were really very good. They were well worth eating and I suppose that is no surprise as I have enjoyed the fries before as part of one of their mains such as the Japanese Loaded Fries and in one of their Poutine dishes.

The can of Endless Summer from the Black Iris Brewery hit the spot as well, even though the price tag of £6 was less welcome. I guess that it what a can of craft beer costs these days.

I am Well Glad that I made the effort to hunt down and scoff the Pork Belly Sando from Homeboys this week. I have tried most of their dishes, some I love and some I just like, but this is one that I really would come back time and time again for.

I figure you will have to keep your eyes on their Instagram account if you want to find out what, where and when they are serving. I find my Homeboys at The Nottingham Street Food Club but they can be found around and about so check their Feeds to seek them out

The Nottingham Street Food Club is located in the intu Victoria Centre in Nottingham where Homeboys are a resident, Homeboys Instagram page, and Facebook Profile are the places to check out and get hungry.

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