Breakfast at Hartleys

Hartley’s Cafe lies Carlton Street right on the confluence of Broad Street, Goose Gate, and Stoney Street., and is as they say in their own words “In the Heart of Hockley”

I had been walking past over recent months, often mid morning on a weekend and had seen loads of people sitting in the window eating a big old full English. I wanted to be with them so I vowed to come in to Town and get my self a place at the table and a brekkie.

Breakfast Menu

There was only one thing on my mind as I perused the Breakfast menu at Hartley’s and that was the “All Day Breakfast” which was listed as “2 Bacon, 2 Sausage, Egg, Tomatoes, Beans, Mushroom and Toast” for £6.45

Even though it was my plan to get the All Day Breakfast, I did like that the other two main options were Vegetarian, and Vegan. No after thoughts here, although I was curious as to the omission of a vegan or vegetarian bacon alternative, even if that meant you got three sausages instead 🙂

All Day Breakfast

The All Day Breakfast at Hartleys is certainly a very substantial and decent plateful of food. They made sure that they filled up all of the plate and were even stacking stuff onto the rim.

It really took a bit of effort to eat it all, well not a huge effort as in a chore, more of a ‘head down and go for it’ kind of effort.

Highlights were the bacon, egg, and the toast. I really liked the wholemeal toast and butter, usually that is a bit of an afterthought in my world of breakfast, but here at Hartley’s it was really good. So much so that I would quite fancy just popping in for scrambled eggs on toast one day instead.

As usual the beans were in a pot that I then had to pour out, more washing up (but not for me). Once that was done then the plate looked a lot more ‘breakfasty’

The sausages were firm and meaty, I would say about halfway along the sausage spectrum above catering level, just below gourmet. The button mushrooms were plentiful and welcomed, but I wasn’t sure about how they were cooked. I ate them anyway, I always do.

All in all there was nothing to complain about and plenty to enjoy so I was a happy camper.

I last wrote about Hartley’s in 2012 (read more here) when I was having a panini. It my memory I was sure that I had scoffed a breakfast at some point or other and had written about it, but when I looked back over the years, I realised that this was a place missing from the list of Nottingham Breakfasts on the blog so I needed to rectify the glaring gap in breakfast documentation.

I was pleased to see that they still have all the baguettes, sandwiches and toasties. I was thinking that if I wasn’t having a breakfast I might try out the Triple Decker Club Sandwich for £4.95 with ‘Bacon, Chicken, Cheese, Tomato, Lettuce and Mayo’ but only if the bread was toasted 🙂

I like Hartley’s and judging by all the people I see crammed in there at the weekends and well any other day that I am in town, I figure that the rest of you are pretty keen on the place too

You can check them out online on the Hartley’s website or walk into the shop at 21 Carlton Street in Hockley. Also they have a Facebook Page, a Twitter Feed and and Instagram Profile

Looks like facebook and instagram are your best bets for updates 🙂

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