White Rabbit Teahouse in West Bridgford: Excellent Eggs Benedict

The White Rabbit Teahouse in West Bridgford is located in Tudor Square in the space formerly occupied by the old greengrocers

I have meaning to eat here ever since they opened last summer (time has flown by!). The thing is though that I really wanted one of their breakfast dishes but they only serve those until 12 and so I kept missing an opportunity.

Today though I had the day off, the car was getting its MOT and I found myself at a loose end in Bridgford. Well I say that but really I was in a winning situation as there are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat and a pot of tea. Life ain’t that tough some days 🙂

As I mentioned up top they were only serving breakfast and brunch until 12 so I was really only seriously checking out that section of the White Rabbit menu.

For a brief moment I wondered if I could get away with just having a bacon sandwich, but the place is so lovely inside I felt that it deserved being more classy for once.

The ‘Avo on Sourdough Toast with Poached eggs’ was quite tempting but not tempting enough, instead I decided to go with one of my more favoured brunch choices and ordered the Eggs Benedict

I have to say that this Eggs Benedict at the White Rabbit Teahouse is possibly one of the best renditions of this brunch classic that I have eaten for a while. It might even be one of the best ever.

I loved the Hollandaise sauce, it was light, creamy and very delicate. The two poached eggs that lay beneath the sauce were perfect, with a vibrant orange yolk that was nice and runny. The white of the egg perfectly set with no ‘snotty’ bits. The ham was proper ham, not out of a packet, it was thick, moist, and lightly salted, a really good companion to the egg.

The watercress fronds were a little different but I liked them, they add a little crunch to the bite and allowed the illusion that I was having a healthy brunch to persist in my mind for a while. The edible flower on the top was a nice touch, it made the dish look even more attractive and I did actually eat it too.

I really enjoyed my meal and now that I have finally managed to make it here for a Brunch dish I can relax. I might have to pop back in again now to have a sandwich (the ‘Salmon, Rocket and Cream Cheese’ has my name all over it) and probably one of their homemade cakes. They did look jolly good on the counter.

Thinking about it though, perhaps I will have a ‘Warm scone with Clotted Cream and Jam’ which I would eat however I like! There are no legally binding Devon or Cornwall rules in West Brigford 🙂

The White Rabbit Teahouse is located at 12 Tudor Square in West Bridgford. You can check them on their Facebook page

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  1. And there was me thinking that a fried egg sandwich was the height of sophistication…

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      only when on cheap white supermarket bread

      1. Mmmmm….

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