White Rabbit Teahouse – Lunch is sorted

The White Rabbit Teahouse in West Bridgford is a place that is simply just a joy to pick up lunch from. It is so charming and feels so quintessentially English.

If I was to suggest one spot to take someone to for the perfect afternoon tea experience then this would be the place.

At the moment we cannot dine inside but we are able to partake of some cake, reach for some quiche, and erm get a really nice sandwich to takeway 🙂

I have written about the White Rabbit before back in 2019 when I sat inside for a lovely plate of Eggs Benedict (read more here)

Today though I was going to be getting a takeout for my lunch, so lets see what they had on offer


I headed up to Tudor Square with the sole intention of getting a slice of quiche for my lunch but when I saw the menu board I found myself in a bit of a quandry as then wanted a toasted sandwich as well.

So I came up with a ‘not so’ cunning plan of having a toastie for lunch, and then quiche with salad for tea.


More often than not I would end up ordering a “Tuna Melt” or a “Ham, Cheese & Tomato” toastie but today I was in a more adventurous mood and decided to pick something different so I ordered the one filled with “Goats Cheese, Onion Chutney, Red Pepper & Rocket”

The toastie comes in a box with coleslaw and a side salad. Perfectly packed for a picnic in the nearby park or sitting on one of the benches on Central Avenue.


I took my box of delights home and fished all the contents out onto a plate where it looked a little bit neater. The Toastie filled with Goats Cheese, Onion Chutney, Red Pepper & Rocket was certainly a departure from my normal sandwich choice of filling. It was a welcome variation though as I really enjoyed trying something different.


I surprised myself just how much I enjoyed the fillings in this toastie, the goats cheese was creamy, like a smooth cottage cheese. The onion chutney added a little bit of sweetness, the Rocket some crunchiness and pepperiness, the red pepper was soft and juicy.

The buttery toasted sourdough was nice and chewy to the bite, sometimes this type of bread can be too crunchy and hard on the mouth, but the way they toasted it here at White Rabbit was more to my liking and made for many enjoyable mouthfuls.


Quiche wise there was no choice so I was having the Daily special which was a slice of Cheese & Tomato ( a classic combination) served with a side salad and coleslaw.

I really enjoyed this too as it was a proper good big slice of quiche, nice bit of crumbly well cooked pastry, a decent colour on the topping with plenty of golden baked cheese.

I even enjoyed the salad of mixed beans, red onion, chopped tomato and herbs, together with that crunchy coleslaw. I say that despite having already eaten the same salad earlier with my toastie for lucch


Looking at the slice of Quiche on my plate was a moment to savour, I was loving how thick the slice was. I know its basically a whole load of savoury egg custard, but it still amazes me how light and smooth they make it.

This one was no exception, a nice light hints of cheese run through the filling and the slices of baked tomato add little pops of sweetness as you hit one. Yum Yum indeed!


If you like cake then you are going to love the White Rabbit Teahouse! They have so many fantastic looking and tasting cakes to offer. The counter outside was full of baked delights that you could get a slice from.

This display was just one side of the doorway, more cakes and bakes lay on the other side!

Basically what I am saying is that this place is pretty ACE cakewise! 🙂

As I say the White Rabbit Teahouse is a fantastic place to grab a sandwich, coffee, and cake from so if you are in West Bridgford I would urge you to check them out

The White Rabbit Teahouse is located at 12 Tudor Square in West Bridgford. It is one of two in Nottingham the original one being located in Bridlesmith Walk in the City Centre

You can also check them on their Facebook page, and on their Instagram profile for pictures of lovely food and up to date info on what they are up to

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