Fish and Chips from The Plains Fish Bar

The Plains Fish Bar Restaurant, as the name suggests, is a Fish and Chip takeaway and restaurant located on Mapperley Plains.

Lots of people have constantly told me that this is the place to go to for really great Fish and Chips and first impressions when we walked in were giving us a good feeling. The chap on the fryer asked us what fish we wanted as soon as we came through the door, then dropped our haddock into to cook. Now getting my Chippy Fish fryed to order is number one on my ‘Is this a good chip shop?’ list I loves me some freshly cooked battered fish.

A few have mentioned Halloumi fries as well and while I am not that bothered about them, I did find it interesting that of the three people allowed in to order, one got Haddock and Chips, One got Cod and Chips, and the other got Halloumi Fries, so maybe its a Plains thing 🙂

Anyway we were here looking for Fish, Chips, and Mushy Peas. We had the Haddock ordered so now we just had to move along the line to choose and ask for the rest of our Chippy tea.


We were having the REGULAR SPECIAL which was ‘regular fish, small chips and small peas’ for £6.70. It seemed that we could have Cod or Haddock as it doesn’t specify and we had haddock already in the fryer. I like that as often the deal is for ‘unspecified fish’ so could be anything.

At some point post COVID I am hoping to be able to come back up here to eat inside as there are not that many chippies these days where you can get your food on a plate. For now though we were pondering the Takeaway menu.

Either side of our choice sizewise you could have a MINI COD & SMALL CHIPS with ‘Peas, Beans, Curry or Gravy‘ for £4.75 or the PLAINS SPECIAL of ‘larger fish, regular chips & large peas‘ for £8.75

Pies, Burgers, Sausages and Fishcakes were all available too, just as one might expect and I could see them waiting eagerly on the counter waiting to be chosen by an incoming punter.


The Regular Special with a ‘regular’ fish (lets call that medium), small chips and small peas was just enough food to fill me up. I would go so far as to say that (for me) this was the perfect serving.

The battered haddock was actually a very decent size fitting neatly into the box. I liked the ‘freshness’ of the soft, flaky white fish inside the batter and that it was really moist and juicy. I wasn’t totally sold on the batter which I found a little bit soft, I think that is my taste though as I like it more crispy and I know some people like it a little more chewy.

Chips were actually pretty doggone perfect, I have not had chips from the chippy this good for a while and I was starting to lose faith in my chippy chip. Happy to report that the ones from the Plains are excellent and I would give them a solid 10 out of 10.

Onto the mushy peas, a side dish that I love and that I always have to have as part of my chippy tea. I really liked the look of these ones with their vibrant deep green colouration and the creamy texture of the sauce. the peas inside being a good solid bite. Also better than most I have had recently.

Outside I was checking out the lunchtime specials menu where it seemed to be all about stuff in a cob. I would expect nothing less from a Nottingham Chippy! No mention of chips on that board though but for the record I checked the menu inside and you can get a chip cob for £2.65 or just a small chips for £1.85.

I liked that they have a whole separate Gluten Free menu and I understand that they offer that on a Monday and a Tuesday. I am seeing this more and more these days and it is good to see that places are catering for this as everyone deserves a chippy tea! 🙂

I will be back for more chippy action next time I am up this way and need a little bit of filling up on a Friday (or on any other day to be honest)


I have to say that I really like the Fish and Chip offering from the Plains and I can see why people have been telling me that I needed to come here and try them. I would certainly recommend them too if in the area.

The Plains Fish Bar is located at 919 Woodborough Road in Nottingham NG3 5QR and you can check them out as well on their Facebook Page, their Twitter Feed, and Instagram Profile

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  1. Julie gregoriou says:

    Thankyou for your review, we are happy to see you enjoyed your food, we try to keep all our lovely customers happy. 😃😃

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      Thanks Julie, was really nice to finally make a trip up to try some 😎👍

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