Kushi-Ya: The lunch special

Kushi-Ya Japanese Grill do a very reasonably priced lunch time offer. For just 10 quid you can get 1 Snack, 4 Skewers and a Rice, now that my friends is a real bargain.

I came and dined here shortly after they opened and spent about £50 eating many of the same sorts of dishes that you can order at lunchtime (read more about that visit here).

If you want to check this place out and don’t want to splash as much cash it is a good idea to come for the lunch deal. That was exactly what we did, well to be honest it was a bit of a fateful moment when walking by with a mate


Mate: “hey isn’t that the place you said was dead good?’

Me: “yeh it is, oh the board says 10 quid for lunch”

Both: “yeh lets do that”

Lunch special 1 x Snack, 2 x Skewers and rice

I chose the ‘Chicken Tsukune, tare, egg yolk‘ and the ‘salmon teriyaki, seaweed salad‘ options from the skewers section of the menu.

I had tried the Chicken Tsukune before and had loved it so wanted to see if it was just as good, non spoiler alert it was even better! The first time the chicken grind had seemed a little coarse, this time though it seemed a lot more of a consistent grind and was nicer to eat. The glaze on the chicken adds a little sweetness and the dip with the egg yolk mixed in helps lubricate everything to make a nicer mouth feel

I would not normally have chosen the salmon skewers but I was glad that I did on this occasion. I was pleased that they were moist and juicy and the scattering of seaweed salad and sprinkling of sesame seeds over them was a nice touch

Furikake prawn toast

The Kushi-ya lunch deal allows for the choice of 1 snack so I picked out the Furikake prawn toast which was amazingly good. There was plenty of prawn tucked away inside that crunchy little toasted parcel. I could have easily scoffed a few more of these.

This is all really good value and I only wished that I was working in the city centre as I reckon I would be in here eating a lot!

Kushi-ya Japanese Grill is located at 1A Cannon Court in Nottingham up the alley in the place that used to be the Alley Cafe some while back.

Check out their socials on their Facebook page, their Twitter Feed and on their Instagram profile to see what they are up to and what specials they have planned on the menu

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  1. They all look yummy!!!!

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      they really are, such good value as well for lunchtime. I don’t know how they manage to do it. So tasty too

      1. I give the food thumbs up 👍 even though I haven’t tasted it

      2. The presentation just looks amazing and also enticing.

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