Fish and Chip Friday at Fellows, Morton, and Clayton

Fellows, Morton & Clayton on Canal Street in Nottingham has been a long standing member of the local real ale pub community. Over recent years it has had a bit of a turbulent time, it has been opened and closed down a couple of times, and throughout all that time I think we have all wanted it to stay open and just be a decent real ale boozer where we can rely on a nice pint of beer and hopefully somewhere to get some pub grub

Initially we only came in for the beer, we had peered through the window and seen that they had two beers from Shipstones, one of our favourite local breweries on the chalkboard.

There were also offerings from Dancing Duck and Blue Monkey also locales so that was pleasing to see too.

Whatever happened food wise we knew that we were going to be getting a nice drink

Bit of the Menu

Once we were inside supping our beers it seemed like a perfect opportunity to chow down on some good old pub grub. As expected we were not left wanting as the menu read like a list of the all the pub classics.

There was Sausage and Mash (of course), and a Steak and Ale pie (Why not) , the Scampi (its a pub), and a Curry (the nations fave takeway) on offer, but who are we kidding it was a Friday and we all know that only means one thing; “Fish and Chips“!

Spot the difference

The Fish and Chips was described on the menu as “Beer battered, sustainably caught Cod, chunky chips, mushy peas & tartare sauce” priced up as £11

I was not sure if one of us had ordered the Child’s portion when it has arrived at the table. I don’t mind the sizing of the fish, but it seems strange to send such a mismatch out to diners at the same table.

This was a pretty bog standard plate of pub food, the Fish was fine enough cooked inside a very crunchy batter, the chips were not that chunky, and a bit scrappy to be honest. The best bit taste wise were the mushy peas, which were nice and crunchy and a little bit minty. It was a shame that there were not more of them.

Despite some misgivings it was all fuel to set us up for a night out on the town drinking more beer so on that basis it worked

After we ate this I really wasn’t sure if I was going to put this meal on the blog, but the sheer comedy of the mismatch in portion size made it a no brainer. Looking back I am not sure if I was more cross with myself for not questioning when it arrived, or more with my Mate who was the lucky recipient of the larger fish but it wasn’t his fault it was just a table lottery, which way the server went. I would have been more upset if it had been nice piece of fish but to be honest in the end I was not that fussed but it did make for entertainment.

In all honesty as I said up top I was just pleased that the pub is back open and serving some great ales from some of our excellent local breweries.

Fellows, Morton & Clayton or FMC to most of use is located at 54 Canal Street in Nottingham. You can also check them out on their Facebook Page, their Twitter Feed, and on their Instagram Profile


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