Breakfast at Yolk in Hockley

Yolk serving coffee and breakfast has opened recently next door to Bar 31K on Goosegate in Hockley. It’s location alongside the guys serving up meatballs and cocktails in the cities 2019 NRBA award winning bar is no coincidence as it is being run by the same guys. The food even comes from the 31K kitchen through a hatch in the wall.

I suppose if I had just said ‘Yolk sell Eggs for Breakfast by the Guys that sell Meatballs in Hockley‘ you would have known what I meant and to be honest that is how I have described the place when I have said I am going to Yolk and people ask me about it 🙂

I love the idea of this sort of place where the focus is just on breakfast and in this case primarily the egg. There are quite a few places over in the states that work the same way, My adopted US home town of Chicago has a good one also called Yolk (read about that here) which I used to frequent quite often to get my fix of breakfast. So when I read that the 31K gang were on the case I was pretty keen to check this out

Menu Options

In similar fashion to 31K the menu at Yolk takes you through a similar ordering process where you pick the style of egg that you fancy, followed by the type of bread you want and then what you want on it.

Or in the words of the menu you ‘Choose your egg‘ then what to ‘…have it on‘ then finally ‘….and top it with‘.

The menu goes on to add that it is ‘finished with hollandaise sauce’ which it the bit that confuses me a little bit as I don’t think that everything goes that well with that particular sauce.

Poached eggs on a muffin with maple bacon

I did my best to play to the strength of the theme picking a combination that resembled some sort of eggs benedict situation ordering Poached eggs on a muffin with maple bacon and a topping of that hollandaise sauce.

I enjoyed this and this worked out really well. The poached eggs were really well cooked, lovely soft yolk and a nice firm white. I like the strips of maple smoked bacon, it was crisp and slightly fatty in a good way. It has a nice sweet and salty taste and was very much in the American style.

In this case the Hollandaise sauce poured over the top works, and I like the sprinkling of paprika and scattering of chopped greens on the top of each egg. If I am at all critical I would have liked my muffin a bit more toasted.

Scrambled Eggs, with Smoked Salmon on a toasted bagel

I really wanted to come back and try more of what they had to offer at Yolk, so I popped back in this week to check out another combination.

This time I went for the Scrambled Eggs, with Smoked Salmon on a toasted bagel. The eggs were nice and creamy and there was plenty of them, personally I would have liked more seasoning but I appreciate that not everyone does and being a responsible grown up I was quite capable of adding my own salt and pepper 🙂

I kept the hollandaise on the side this time, but in the end I did just pour it all over everything so maybe would have been better off letting a professional pourer do that for me 🙂

Those Eggs!

The Salmon was quite nicely smoked and I did enjoy that, being cold it was a bit of a contrast with the warm eggs, but it still worked. I was wondering if I should have added more to the mix maybe some spinach as that seems to be the classic combo.

To be honest I quite fancied having the garlic shrooms, but I didn’t want to mess up the taste of the salmon. Maybe I need to try them next time with another DIY combo 🙂

Just like 31K this place is very relaxed, friendly and welcoming. I would have come back again sooner but they can get pretty busy at the weekend and I wasn’t able to grab a table on a couple of attempts. Midweek though there was no problem and I had plenty of room to spread out and relax over coffee and eggs 🙂

Whatever combination you choose it costs 7 quid, add in a Latte (which I did) and it comes in at just under a tenner. Pricewise that works for me if I am making something fancy Eggs Benedict style, but seems a bit steep if I just wanted scrambled eggs on toast.

The only slight downside was that they were not serving breakfast all day 🙁 so I think that they need to get a hybrid meatball brunch option so that I can ride the gap between breakfast and tea. I would rustle up some pork breakfast sausage meatballs, with patatas brava type potatoes, a soft quail egg, and some roasted cherry tomatoes on the vine. Well if you don’t ask you don’t get! 🙂 🙂

You can check Yolk out on their social media feeds, Instagram, Facebook, and of course as always you can just get off the sofa and walk down the slope in Hockley to find them at 29 Goosegate in Nottingham NG1 1FE

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  1. Alex says:

    Went there this morning. I wish the UK had more places like this, somewhere that does one thing well instead of 50 things mediocre.

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      It is refreshing to have a menu that is focussed as you say. Too many places just put the same old things on the menu. In Notts now if I want eggs I’ll go to Yolk, if I fancy meatballs I’ll go to 31k

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