The Kitchen On Pelham Street: Breakfast for Brunch

The Kitchen on Pelham Street is located unsurprisingly enough on Pelham Street, the (mostly) pedestrian lane that leads up from the back of the council house up towards Hockley.

We stopped by over the weekend to grab some Brunch which turned out to be Breakfast as they had one on the Brunch Menu.

Their social profiles describe them as an “Independent cafe on Pelham Street, serving brunch, lunch, coffees & cakes” and based on the menu and all the baked goods in the window I would say that simple statement sums the place up

Brunch Menu

There was a lot of stuff on the Brunch menu at the Kitchen on Pelham Street that I fancied, lots of breakfast type dishes and plenty of choices for all tastes.

I briefly toyed with the idea of having the ‘Baked chorizo, spinach, egg & potato hash with Chunky toast‘ for £7.50 and almost contemplated having just the ‘Scrambled eggs or Fried Eggs on Chunky toast‘ for £4.50 but I was hungry so I was going all in on the Full English!

The ‘English’ Breakfast was ‘Bacon, Sausage, Scrambled eggs, beans and roasted tomatoes, with chunky toast’ for £7.95. Well that was the official line anyway, when I went to order I was given the option of a Fried Egg instead. I stuck with the scrambled

The English Breakfast

The plating of the breakfast was interesting, if unwieldy, the beans had been given central billing in their own swimming pool and the butter had been kept as far away from it’s friend the sliced toast.

I know my mates say that the beans and the egg should not touch but when I get mine on the plate in a bowl I always have the same thought; that is a lot more washing up.

Having said that, today, once beans had been released to plate freedom, I used the empty dish to put my teabag and the wrappers from the butter in. Is that a lifehack?

Christ on a bike, I just wasted a paragraph and have said nothing constructive about the food!

Right then, lets get one thing down straight, this is a good breakfast. I liked everything on the plate. The highlight for me was the crispy bacon which for some reason had been hidden away underneath the roasted vine tomatoes which were also excellent.

The sausages were very solid and meaty, I think ‘plump’ would be a good description. They looked a bit pale but they were decent enough, I imagine that they would make a good sandwich with a bit of tomato sauce.

I really liked having scrambled egg for a change, I did miss the runny yolk to dip my toast in, but the ones here at the Kitchen on Pelham Street were cooked so well that I almost forgot about that .

The toast was good, well it was once someone had put some butter on it anyway 🙂 and the beans were beans, not much else I can say about them.

All in all this was a really good Breakfast for Brunch, lots of quality ingredients and all very well cooked. I would come back again for sure.

Be warned it’s very popular but I am sure you can squeeze yourself in and anyway if you are hungry enough one can perch on the end of a table and make a new friend, sometimes needs must! 🙂

On the counter at the front they had some rather nice looking Vegan Sausage rolls, I though that the pastry looked pretty good. It was good to see that they have plenty of Vegan and Vegetarian options on the menu here. Always handy when dining with my meat free friends

Previously this space housed Homemade and it seems to be very familiar layout wise when you venture inside. The main difference to me was that it was a lot brighter and lighter in the dining room and also that they had a Cooked Breakfast back on the menu.

They still sell the cakes supplied from Homemade and there is a big board in the main room listing out what they have on offer. To be honest though it is really hard to miss the whole cake selling thing as the window display is full of them!


The Kitchen on Pelham Street is located at 20 Pelham Street NG1 2EG.

You can check also them out on their Facebook Page and on their Instagram Profile

I read that the owners also own Hartley’s in Hockley which is another great spot for a breakfast. I blogged about that not so long back (read more about that here).

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