Tier: The Mac Daddy Grilled Cheese

Tier on Pelham Street in Nottingham is not the sort of joint that I usually frequent, It’s a bit too trendy for me. That changed though when I heard that they were serving up a menu of grilled cheese sandwiches. I can strut my stuff to get a bite of food when I need too

Tier ‘Melt Me Up’ Menu

The Mac Daddy was listed on the Tier menu as ‘Our Famous Mac & Cheese melted with our special cheese blend served with Homemade Slaw‘. Now there were a number of things going for this, I love grilled cheese, I love Mac ‘n’ Cheese, so a combo of both is sounding pretty good right about now, and even better £5 seems like a pretty sweet deal

The Mac Daddy Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This sandwich was looking pretty damn tasty when it arrived at my table, well I say table, I was actually sitting on a stool at the window, basically on a ledge. Anyway I digressed a bit for a moment, but that did not distract me from what I was about to enjoy.

The filling was super rich, almost decadent, essentially this was pure filth! Molten cheese oozed out of the sandwich and thick soft tubes of macaroni pasta covered in cheese sauce peered out just asking for you to take a bite.

This particular combination was right on the edge of my cheese enjoyment capacity but the crisp almost crunchy grilled bread was the perfect foil, it held everything together and helped alleviate the dastardly dairy overload

Thinking back I probably should have got one of the sandwiches with a bit of meat or perhaps some tomato as I felt it just needed a little something, a bit of a distraction from the gooey cheesefest.

Ah but what was that on the tray alongside? Homemade coleslaw, now that was what we need to break through and save the moment. It was pretty good as well, usually I push it to one side but this one here at Tier was actually worth eating.

All in all a really good grilled cheese sandwich, next time though (if there is one) I might just rack it up a notch and add me some of that pulled pork they mention on the menu

I know that this is supposed to be a cocktail bar and I should have been drinking something more adventurous just to join in with the moment. That wasn’t for me though I got myself a nice cold pint of beer from the Lagunitas Brewing Company. A beer that I always quite enjoyed stateside and that I rarely seem to drink back here in blighty . I certainly needed something to wash that sandwich down with and this tasty fellow turned out to be just what I was looking for.

I kind of liked Tier, it was a bit of a surprise, and a pleasant distraction from my usual pub lunch in town. I felt that I did not quite fit in but it was worth being the odd one out to get such a decent Grilled Cheese sandwich!


Tier is located at 38 Pelham Street in Nottingham, you can check them out on the usual socials: Instagram and Facebook

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