Yumuchi Japanese Kitchen and Bar: Time for Chicken Ramen

Yumuchi Japanese Restaurant & Bar on Gordon Road in West Bridgford opened back in August this year. It is the sister restaurant of Yumacha which lies not that far away on Central Avenue.

I have had my eye on this place for a while now as the menu lists out so many things that I both want to try and love. Ramen, Baos, Gyoza are all things I just need in my life. The menu at Yumuchi talks about skewers or Kishiyaki to give them their proper name and I really like the sound of some of those, add to that the Katsu Curry and the Katsu Don and I could be eating here for weeks.

One thing at a time though today’s mission was to get a bowl of ramen noodles

I already had my eye on the Big Plate menu where I had spotted the magic words ‘Soup Ramen’. I picked out the Yumuchi Chicken or as I and the waitress both said ‘the Chicken Ramen’ it was almost as if we both had babblefish in our ears

The Yumuchi Chicken was listed as ‘chicken egg menma spring onion wood ear mushroom‘ for £12. I was not sure that the addition of a comma was going to help me to understand all of that detail, but I knew that a big bowl of noodles with ramen in a soup broth might help me to figure it out. I mean even Nancy Drew could probably work out what was likely to happen.

Yumuchi Chicken Ramen

It was an immensely satisfying situation to find oneself in when tasked with the job of chowing down on this bowl filled with a rich dark broth covering thin ramen noodles buried deep beneath a layer of tender braised chicken thigh, sliced meaty mushroom, and chopped scallion.

Even with Chopsticks I shovelled this down really fast, it was so good that I was having to hold myself back from downing it all in one. Everything worked and I was especially well impressed with the plentiful slices of chicken thigh and the tasty broth

The addition of the sliced boiled egg floating on top of the broth was ‘an oh so my gosh’ bonus, that added more richness to the bowl as the yolk fell out and mixed into the soup.

Man alive, if this is the standard of the food at Yumuchi I know that I will have to return to eat more 🙂

Yumuchi is located at 26 Gordon Road in West Bridgford, NG2 5LN

As I have already said that I am going back to try more, maybe a big splurge around pay day 🙂 I really need to get some of their steamed Bao and some of those dumplings (gyoza) too

You can check them out on their Facebook Page, and on their Instagram Feed or just the old fashioned way by walking into Bridgford and looking in through the window before getting some tasty Asian food 🙂

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