The Sobar Breakfast

The Full English at Cafe Sobar is described as being 2 bacon, sausage, egg, beans, hash brown, mushrooms and white or brown toast for £7.95.

You can double it up a bit to get an extra egg, sausage, and hashbrown if you pay £2 more, ooh and then you get black pudding too.

If you want to be more restrained you can have a light breakfast (which I am assuming means healthier) of 2 poached eggs, spinach, cherry tomatoes, trimmed bacon and toast for £7.85.

Now I like the bacon rind so I wondered if I can that on the side, and in true, “Eats, Shoots & Leaves” grammar style I also pondered if ‘trimmed bacon and toast’ meant that they were going to cut my crusts off for me too 🙂

Anyway it is just 10p less than the Full English so while it mighty be a saving on the waist line it isn’t much of a saving on the pocket 🙁

It all looks quite ordered when the plate arrives. If you like your beans in a mug you will love this method of plating. You are of course free to tip the beans out onto the plate, and if, or rather when you do, I advise pouring as much of the bean juice onto the egg as you can, just because I know upsets so many people.

Once you release the beans, butter your own toast, hide the tomato under the toast, and have leaned in for a close up, you are ready to begin your breakfast scoffing.

Highlights are or is the bacon which has plenty of tasty fat holding it together, I like it like that. The sausage has a nice tight crisp skin, inside its all classic meaty banger. Beans and Mushroom do their job of covering white space on the plate very well. The fried egg looked ok at first sight but was on the edge, the white probably needed a few moments more in the pan. Hash Brown is as it looks. I am not a massive fan, but they are always a welcome addition to the breakfast plate.

However, as you and I well know, it is hard to find anything wrong with any kind of breakfast situation. The quality of the sausage is always a great talking point, bean separation a continued conversation topic, and to top it all that lovely feeling of a full belly whenever you scoff one forgives anything.

Cafe Sobar is a good option if you are in town, don’t want to eat at a greasy spoon and don’t want to have to go into a pub to find one.

Overall for £7.95 in a nice well lit and cosy cafe the Full English comes out as decent value. As I noted up top for really good value on a day when you are hungry get the Big Breakfast for £9.95, Go on, you know you want to 🙂


Cafe Sobar is located at 24 Friar Lane in Nottingham. (the road that runs down from Maid Marian way into the square where all the buses bomb down)

You can check them out on their Facebook page, and on their Twitter Feed

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