Sunday Lunch at the Lincolnshire Poacher on Mansfield Road

This week I was out on another long walk bimbling about town, we were walking past the Lincolnshire Poacher on Mansfield Road, it was raining again, we were hungry again, and it was a Sunday. I think that what is coming next might not be a major surprise.

I poked my head in through the door to see how busy it was and surprisingly it was quite bereft of punters so I thought we should venture deeper in and ply them with our trade. Food and Beer was what we needed, or more specifically a nice Roast Dinner and a Pint of Real Ale

The plate arrives with all the good stuff on it ,sans vegetables, which is great if you want to skip your 5 a day and just eat the roasties, meat, and yorkshire pud. The pot of veg arrives shortly after and if I wasn’t being sad taking a photo I might well have scoffed a roast spud before it arrived 🙂

Once the vegetables had come then I set my plate up so that it did look like a proper Sunday Lunch but also so that I could keep all the tasty meaty stuff front and centre so that I could get my fork on it easily.

This was a fairly decent Sunday Lunch, the meat was a bit more cooked than I usually like, but to be fair we had walked in at around 3.30pm so I figure it was a while since that came out of the oven.

I liked the Yorkshire pudding and the Roast Potatoes, I appreciated the mash but would have traded for another Roast Spud in a heartbeat.

The Carrots were on the edge of being hard, but were ok for me, I was happy to get some broccoli, and I ate some of the cabbage, but didn’t get too excited. There was a solitary parsnip tucked away under the spuds and I would not have minded a few more.


Overall though for just under 10 quid this was a decent plate of Sunday Lunch at the Pub. They had a good deal listed on the board where you could get a Sunday Roast with a starter or dessert AND a pint of Harvest Pale for £13.

I wish I had spotted that when I had ordered as I had a pint of Harvest Pale and I reckon I would have been better off with this deal, I mean I could have easily managed a bit of pudding to get a cheaper meal 🙁

I always like eating and drinking at The Lincolnshire Poacher, but this was the first time I had checked out the Sunday Lunch situation. I would come back, but next time would take up that offer on the board for sure

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The Lincolnshire Poacher located at 161-163 Mansfield Road is one of my Favourite Pubs in Nottingham. You can check them out on a Pub Crawl up or down Mansfield Road or online on their Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, and Instagram Profile

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