The Lincolnshire Poacher Pub Burger


I really enjoyed eating this burger at The Lincolnshire Poacher up on Mansfield Road, it was a solid effort, really good wholesome pub food, the meat patty is thick and juicy, probably about an inch and a bit thick, well seasoned and smothered with loads of lovely molten cheese.

The bread cob that it is served in was really good too, soft white bun and nice and fluffy inside. You can tell that this is today’s fresh bread and that makes a big difference I can tell you!

The burger did have a little bit of salad in there as well to add some crunch, I wasn’t that fussed on the salad effort, but that was probably just because I wanted pub food to soak up the beer I was about to consume while working my way back down Mansfield Road.

This is a really decent pub burger, a lot better than many you can get, and one that is worth coming back for again.

I know that my photo skills in the gloomy pub half light does not really do it justice. It is such a shame that you cannot photograph ‘taste’ or ‘comfort’

The Chips are pretty good as well, probably some of the better pub chip efforts out there. I would actually order a bowl of them all by themselves, and that is saying something 🙂

The Lincolnshire Poacher located at 161-163 Mansfield Road is one of my Favourite Pubs in Nottingham. It is also one that has been featured before on the blog 🙂

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In that last post my Mate Martin who accompanies me a lot on these MyFoodHunt adventures had the Pub Burger. Chips look just as good back then as now and the Burger looks a bit prettier in his photo 🙂




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