Scoffing Pub Burgers at Langtrys in Nottingham

Langtrys in Nottingham by the corner house is a great pub to meet up at before a trip to the theatre, before going to the flicks at the nearby cinema, or just for  pint with mates.

We often start the night here as it is a nice pub with some decent real ale and you can usually find somewhere to sit inside even on a Friday night.

This Friday we were meeting up a bit later and needed some food to sustain us for the evening so we picked up a couple of menus and a couple of pints and pondered our choices.

Mmm Funny how many of my blog posts seem to start with the same excuse? I am pretty sure this is what happened last weekend as well 🙂

Spoiler Alert – We might eat some burgers

Burger Menu at Langtrys

I really did not know what I fancied to eat at all,  maybe a pie? maybe some sausages and mash? then my mate Martin, a regular MyFoodHunt companion decided on a burger.

Game on! we saw that they had a big and a little one and so it turned into a kind of “lets just make up some sort of burger comparison to invent a meaningful blog post” situation 🙂

So it came to pass that we decided to compare the ‘Single decker’ with the ‘Double decker’.

Poirot wasn’t available, the FBI were not interested and the series C.S.I MyFoodHunt is yet to be commissioned, but if it had been? well? then “This Had” to be a case for a MyFoodHunt style investigation!

I mean to get an extra patty of beef in your burger sandwich was only going to cost a pound more? There must be summat going on! Someone needed to check this out!

The ‘Double decker’

Langtry’s Double Decker is as promised Two Burger patties in a bun. That is basically the major finding of the investigation.

Locally Reared Beef, Whole Grained Mustard, Sweet Shallots & our own mix of herbs served in a bun” was the official description from the menu of both the single and double decker.

The Double Decker is also billed further as “Two of our Delicious Homemade Burgers, Doubled up and stacked with glorious Melting Cheddar in the middle”

Inside the Double Decker

OK so the main finding, as expected, was that there was a lot of meat in this burger bun! I am not sure that the bread was up to the task, but to be fair it stayed mostly intact until the last few bites. The Cheese kind of kept it together as it acted as a sort of savoury cement holding each layer in place.

The burger was a bit too solid and ‘perhaps’ a little bit overdone for my liking. I know places don’t like to serve them as pink as I would like these days in the British pub, but it is still nice when it is still really really juicy.

In my mind I felt that this burger needed a lot more other stuff in that bun to make it interesting, perhaps more salad, a slice of tomato, more of the lettuce and more of the onion too.

Having said that some people moan about too much rabbit food in their burger buns so I guess you cant keep everyone happy. To be fair you did get a big plate of salad and chips so you could do your own additions

The Single Decker

Now when it came to the single decker I felt that My companion took the advantage by adding bacon and cheese to his burger. I think that was a cunning ploy, and even though it was against the spirit of the imaginary comparison competition, it was a wise choice.

Inside the Single Decker

Adding the bacon to the burger seemed to make it a lot more interesting a mouthful. To be honest you did not need as much meat as you had in the Double Decker, and even though it cost an additional £1.50 to add bacon and cheese, it still looked to be better value.

So what was the findings of the imaginary comparison?

Overall the jury is out on whether the actual burger patty itself on its own was tasty enough or good enough to fly solo. It was better than it looked in my pictures, but it kind of needs a lot of friends in the bun to make it a good pub burger. More Lettuce, Tomato and Onion would be a good start, and tastier cheese and saltier bacon would help it out as well.

All in all great value price wise, and a good amount of food for your money. It is an Honest pub burger served up in a decent boozer. I would probably recommend using your head and choose the single decker. Your stomach may rumble and grumble and want the Double Decker but your head knows best, and you will also have more room for another pint of excellent real ale!

Other Stuff

At the top of the post I had pondered on other options and to be honest I wonder if I should have been safe and gone for the All Day Breakfast? Perhaps I might have done, but it came with chips and I am not sure if they really are a breakfast item 🙂 Maybe there is a rule that says chips are included when you use the word “All Day” as that implies that it is a main meal

I had already blogged about the Fish and Chips situation in a post called “A ‘Fish and Chips Friday’ at Langtry’s” mind you that was back in 2015 so maybe it is about time to come back and check that particular dish out again.

The dish that I did leave behind and actually quite fancied was the “Home made slow roast shin of beef”. That sounded like a nice warming stew kind of thing, perfect for a cold evening. “Slow Roasted Tender Beef with Chorizo and Mushrooms in a rich meaty gravy, served with Crispy Herbed potato, broad beans and peas” #YUM

Another meal to add to the list!

Langtrys in Nottingham is located at 4 South Sherwood Street

They describe themselves as a “Beautiful historic pub famed for glorious real ales, real ciders & perrys & delicious homemade pub classics. CAMRA Pub Of Excellence & Good Beer Guide 2014.”

Check them out on Twitter and on Facebook


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