The Kiosk at Cobden Chambers – Amazing Cassoulet, Beef Shin Chilli, and Excellent Middle Eastern inspired food

The Kiosk café in Cobden Chambers just off Pelham Street is a fantastic place to get some really fresh and inspirational food. The Kiosk used to be in a container over in Sherwood and everyone would say that it was one of those off the track hidden gems that you really should hunt down.

Happily in some ways (perhaps not for the good folk of Sherwood) the Kiosk is nowadays serving up its delicious food in the ground floor of Cobden Chambers where they have teamed up with Think. 

I kept meaning to come in for ages and I was actually beaten to it by my Mother who has been in a few times, made friends already and even donated some of her crockery to the cause when she saw that they were using the same ones 🙂

So I was well happy when there was a free weekend and we both met up for lunch at the Kiosk so that I could get my first taste


On the Kiosk website the menu is described as being “Middle Eastern inspired food freshly made using local suppliers”

Today though the menu was very much Mexican inspired, although I could see the middle eastern influences in the descriptions.

There were so many yummy sounded dishes on offer that it was really hard to choose.

I nearly ordered the ‘Mexican Breakfast’ which was described as a ‘courgette and tarragon frittata, with roasted salsa, pink pickles and tortilla bread’. It did sound good but I wanted something, perhaps a little meatier.

Another dish that came close was the ‘Refried bean molette’ which is basically (as I understand) toast topped with refried beans, salsa and cheese’. It sounded good, but it was also too much of an ‘easy option’ and I was in the mood to try something a little different and something that I do not usually encounter on MyFoodHunt trips around Nottingham

So what did we eat then?

Mexican Cassoulet

I had the Mexican Cassoulet which was described as a smokey chorizo and bean stew served on herby sour dough with a fried egg. It was a lovely dish to eat, a great big bowl of spicy comfort. The base was that chorizo and bean stew which was packed with the promised flavours of smoke from the chorizo, and a nice gentle cumin note in the light tomato broth.

The addition of the soft over easy egg on the top of the stew turned it almost into the style of a Mexican breakfast plate. I think that was the idea all along, flavour wised it reminded me of plates of huervos rancheros that I have eaten at many Hispanic Mexican restaurants back over in the states.

I liked the addition of the chopped green salsa made from cilantro (I think) and the garlic yoghurt and little dollop of spicy red tomato jam on the top.

The sourdough toast was really good for mopping up all the left over juices from the bowl, I could have eaten another slice easily 🙂

Slow Roast shin chilli

The other dish that we ordered was the Slow Roast shin chilli that came with salsa, feta, rice salad and green salad. This wasn’t my dish but I still had a little taste just out of myfoodhunt curiousity 🙂

The actual chilli was really tasty, I kind of fancied a small bowl just of that, it was thick and meaty, a little bit sweet, and a little bit spicy.  The thinly sliced pickled red onion were the kicker, sweet, crunchy and tangy.

The salads looked and tasted really fresh and you seemed to be able to get these with a number of dishes and also on their own too.

I understand that the menu changes every 6 weeks or so, it tends to be based on what is available at the time and what is good at that moment.

When we visited it had a Mexican slant, a few weeks back it was more of a Persian theme, but the sides and salads seemed to all be of a similar look (I was told).

I like that it changes as that adds more incentive to come back more often just to see what is inspiring them that month.

I know that I will be coming back for certain!

Kiosk is located:

Kiosk In the THiNK building
Cobden Chambers
Pelham Street


They are open Friday 10-5, Saturday 10-5 Sunday 10-4

Check them out on their Facebook page


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  1. I went in a few weeks ago. All the options were vegetarian and most were vegan and very healthy, so I thought that was what they did there. I had something I’d never usually try (think it was three of their salads) and it was amazing… I must go back now I know they do meat!

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      It does all seem very healthy, probably because it all seems so fresh and vibrant. A little bit of meat certainly helped 🙂

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