The Tall Frog Deli in West Bridgford does good Cobs for lunch

The Tall Frog on Melton Road in West Bridgford is a great little deli. I have been here a lot, and tried a lot of their excellent food

I love this place, rain or shine, you can get yourself a decent cob for lunch. For a while I was walking in to work and passed this place at about 8.15am and they were open and had all their cobs on offer ready for lunch. I picked up quite a few of their classics, most of which came with a super fresh simple salad in amongst the fillings.

Cheese Salad, Tuna Mayo, Ham, Ham and Cheese, Spicy Tuna, I tried them all and they were all good. As I am a little bit of a sad food blogger type of soul I took a few photos over the last week or so of what I picked up for lunch.

Cheese Salad Cob

Coronation Chicken Cob

Ham Cob

So all of the cobs are amazing, packed with super fresh and simple salad mixes of lettuce tomato and red onion. The bread cobs are soft and light, really great quality on that front.

When you deviate a little from the ‘something’ with salad, well it is just as good. The coronation chicken cob which I love getting has an amazingly good mango sauce added as a topping to the creamy coronation chicken sauce. Genius and awesome in itself.

Hot Pastry Items

I really cannot resist ‘any’ of the pastry items that they sell here at The Tall Frog. So much so that hardly any of them make it anywhere near the lens of my camera or even near a snapchat, or mobile selfie.

I do love to snap the sausage rolls though as they just look as good as they taste and to be honest as they are! Maybe its the flaky and slightly greasy pastry, maybe it is the super seasoned and herby sausage meat that is filled with, and maybe it is just one totally accepted guilty pleasure. OMG just eat it already!

Grown Up Pasta Salads and Deli items

Even though I usually just dive in for the pastry items and the cobs, I have to admit that my fancy was quite taken with the pasta and potato salads that they have on the counter. These all look like the thing to serve up alongside a bit of grilled steak or chicken, or anything that needs posh salad at reasonable prices.

I have been in to The Tall Frog quite a bit over the last few years when I have been working in Nottingham. It is one of those places that you could come to every day, but then if I did that I would not be able to hunt down all the other interesting spots to dine in and around the city.

The Tall Frog is located at 99 Melton Rd, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 6ET

Check them out on their website and on their Facebook Page too

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