Fish and Chips at the Brewhouse and Kitchen on Trent Bridge

The Brewhouse & Kitchen at Trent Bridge is the latest encumbent of the pub building that has housed The Town Arms, The Aviary, and Casa during my Nottingham Lifetime.

I popped along the Victoria embankment from my nearby apartment with the sole intention (pardon the pun) of checking them out as a possible option for my regular Fish and Chips Friday ‘muncheon’ appointment.

On their website they say:  “We’re a bit different from your traditional pub – we brew our own, unique craft beers on-site in our brew-tiful microbrewery! As well as matching every dish on our menu to a style of beer we also love cooking with beer –so be sure to keep an eye out for recipes that make use of the beers we brew!”

Sounds good so far!

Even though this place is really close to where I live and also really easy to get to by bus on the banks of the River Trent and City side of Trent Bridge. It never quite seems to make it onto my list of go to spots.

The menu seems to have a decent variety of options on it, even though they do mostly seem to be just a ponced up variation of the classic pub menu offerings at a slightly elevated pricepoint. Despite all that I am pretty happy to give them a whirl

IPA Battered Cod & Chips

I selected the IPA Battered Cod & Chips for £12, which was described on the menu as “sustainably sourced cod with ‘skin-on’ chunky chips, mushy peas, dill pickle, homemade tartare sauce and lemon.”

It was ‘interesting’, there was nothing to really complain about on the plate, but if I am honest not a lot to write home about either. The Battered Fish was quite nice, the cod was a bit grey looking in the half light but it was moist and well cooked. I quite liked the actual batter itself, it was nice and crisp and was not at all soggy.

The chips were hot, filled with soft potato, housed in a crisp skin. There did not seem to be that many of them, but then again the fish did not seem to be that big either so it was kind of all in scale (another pun?).

The mushy peas were more of a mushy pea dip and the dill pickle was confused for a slice of lime.

All in all, it was a decent little bar snack, but it was not very filling, I was actually still hungry when I had finished which didn’t seem right. I suppose if you like a pudding this is a great thing as you would most certainly have room left to stuff one down 🙂

If you come in at lunch it only costs about £9 and would be more of a ‘light bite’ or ‘snack’ to my mind.

I am not sure I would order it again mainly because of the size for the price and I think that you can get better value elsewhere. having said that if you are a light eater, and not a bloke looking to stuff his face until he can eat no more, then well this might just be the sort of meal for you 🙂

I do like the way that they have done the place up and I like the idea of the microbrewery as well

The Brewhouse & Kitchen is located at Trent Bridge, Nottingham, NG2 2GS

Check them out as well on their Facebook and Twitter pages


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